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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver Facilities Management

Facilities Management


Work Requests:

If you have read the following information you may go straight to work request.

Instructions on how to use the work request system


Building or Grounds maintenance problems that require immediate attention should be reported by calling Customer Service Center at (303) 724-1777. During the business hours of M-F, 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. you will be directly connected. After hours you can leave a message and the shift personnel will be automatically paged notifying them of the message. They will respond promptly.

For serious or life threatening emergencies Call 911.

Relocation/Move Coordination Services:

Relocation services are provided through the Facilities Projects Transition Project Management Program.  Please click here to be re-directed to that webpage: 



Non-Billable S​ervices:

Building Maintenance, Operations & Repair (BMO&R) include the labor and materials required for the maintenance and repair of existing facilities and building systems through an annual appropriation for basic maintenance, operations & minor repairs

The primary items funded by BMO&R are:

  1. Major Utility Components for the operation and control of building systems:
    • Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems and associated equipment;
    • Electrical transmission and distribution systems and associated equipment;
    • Water and sewer transmission, distribution and associated equipment;
    • Natural gas transmission, distribution and associated equipment.
  2. Operation Support and Life safety Systems:
    • elevators;
    • fire extinguishers;
    • natural gas systems supporting labs;
    • central air, vacuum systems;
    • central deionized water systems;
    • lock systems, doors, auto doors on common entrances;
    • eye washes and emergency showers;
    • egress and exit lighting.
  3. Structural interior and exterior repairs; roofs, downspouts, brickwork, concrete, sidewalks; foundations, doors, windows, floors, ceilings in common spaces and multiuse areas.
  4. Site and grounds including lawns, trees, shrubs, snow removal, irrigation systems, trash removal.
  5. Minor repairs and painting in public areas, corridors, building systems equipment rooms, public restrooms.

Billable Services:

For any work that is not considered maintenance which is identified as any addition, alteration, modification you must submit a Work Request that includes a valid speed type. The requests are assigned a work order number, prioritized and scheduled.

Customer equipment service as a pay for service can be set up as a service level agreement for routine support.

Common Billable services:

  1. Alterations to buildings, remodel, change of paint or carpet.
  2. Special equipment attachments, additions moving, special counters, furnishings, shelving, laboratory sinks, piping fittings. Electrical wiring new, additional or relocation.
  3. Customer activity, event resulting is added staff, utility consumption, set up & removal of tables, cleaning or security services.
  4. Customer specialty equipment and program related equipment and systems for occupant activities. This includes but is not limited to;
    • research lab equipment, R.O. Systems, freezers, centrifuges, incubators, mixing valves, lab-specific equipment, hoods, fixtures, refrigerators, ultra-colds, cage washers, dishwashers, compressed air machines, secondary or supplemental air, vacuum, water, gas, heating, electrical, generator, and UPS systems.
    • Remodeling, cosmetic repairs in departmental space and areas.
    • Repairing, changing, or adding locks, doors, cabinets, brackets, shelves, hooks, support hardware for flower pots, pictures, wall hangings, black board, white boards, or classroom aids, office furniture or equipments
    • Wiring or electrical & piping hook-ups of research equipment.
    • External and internal directional signs, directories or way finding.
    • Parking lot and parking structure lights and general maintenances items.
    • Any system, equipment, space, or building that is misused, damages or an activity which causes accelerated deterioration of the building, systems or components by an individual or department.

Work Pricing:

Reimbursable work services performed by Facilities Management will be on an at-cost basis. Labor, materials (+ Administration cost) and any outside services are tracked and billed through our work order system.


Estimates require a speed type to be submitted. Estimates may be requested on a work request. Estimates will be provided to you upon request for work exceeding $500. Minor billable work site visits and scope of work consultation is billed on an at-cost basis to the submitted speed type ($50-$75/visit). Actual final costs may be more or less than the estimate. Changes in requested work after an estimate will result in added costs.​​​​

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