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What is UES?

The Undergraduate Experiences Symposium brings together faculty, staff, and students from across CU Denver to work collectively in a dynamic environment on curriculum, pedagogy, co-curriculum, and services to raise undergraduate learning, engagement, and success. The symposium brings in national speakers to inform us of national trends in higher education and challenges us to adapt or surpass them in application to our unique culture and students. Provost Rod Nairn attends, as do the deans of each school/college Working tables and breakout sessions generate proposals that lead to real actions that serve all undergraduates. 


2017 Undergraduate Experiences Symposium

The 13th annual 2017 UE Symposium on October 20, 2017 was a continuation of the campus conversation of the 2016 symposium: improving undergraduate student success. Student success is an issue, not only for CU Denver but for universities across the U.S., because of the high rates of non-completion. Less than 50% of students finish their degrees at CU Denver in six years. Student non-completion comes with tremendous personal and social cost, a failure in contributing to fulfilled lives, a prepared workforce, and an informed, critically thinking, and civically engaged citizenry. This is why “elevate student success” is the first of Chancellor Dorothy Horrell’s CU Denver Priorities.

Student success is an issue for undergraduates of all types, and it unavoidably is a social justice issue because underrepresented minority students are overrepresented among those who do not complete their degrees. Equity mindedness must be part of the student success conversation.

CU Denver currently is engaged in a sweeping reform effort aimed at improving student success. Forty or more of our faculty and staff currently are working in committees as part of our Student Success Partnership with the Education Advisory Board (EAB) to improve student success. There is a whole lot of reform going on, and the symposium is one opportunity to find out about it and to join our campus culture of elevating student success while maintaining academic quality. 

The keynote speaker this year was Dr. Ed Venit, Senior Director of EAB and a nationally recognized expert on university reform to improve student success. There are data-driving national best-practices that produce results, and EAB is helping CU Denver learn from them.

The UE Symposium was a rare opportunity to partner with colleagues from across schools/colleges and dozens of student-serving offices to make good things happen for our students, for you, and for CU Denver. The symposium was not just talk; it contributes to making real things happen. 

For materials on this year's symposium, click here

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