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University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus

Office of Undergraduate Experiences

Core Curriculum Oversight Committee


Carol Golemboski, CCOC Chair
Who we are:

The Core curriculum is designed to provide each CU Denver undergraduate student with a high quality general education, based on a liberal arts and sciences foundation. Core courses develop multiple literacies, stimulate critical thinking, expand sensitivity to diversity, and encourage students to understand their role in a rapidly changing global environment. The Core Curriculum Oversight Committee (CCOC), an elected body of faculty from each of the seven downtown schools and colleges, is responsible for implementing, maintaining, and coordinating these courses on behalf of the students and faculty.

What we do:
  • Review new course proposals from instructors for inclusion into the core curriculum
  • Review student petitions for exceptions to core requirements on a case-by-case basis
  • Request and review existing core-course syllabi to ensure quality, consistency, and delivery of the learning outcomes within each of the nine Core Areas
  • Provide curriculum resources to assist instructors in creating content and developing instructional quality of core courses
  • Implement general education assessment strategies adopted by the CU Denver downtown campus 
How we do it:
The CCOC meets during the academic year to review new course proposals, petitions, syllabi and to update curriculum resources.  Petitions and questions can be sent to the CCOC mailbox and Mary Baitinger in the Office of Undergraduate Experiences. The CCOC chair, Associate Professor Carol Golemboski, reviews the received items, places them on the monthly CCOC agenda and provides feedback to the requestor, on behalf of the CCOC.  Instructors, whose core courses are approved, are asked to follow up with the Registrar’s Office as well as John Lanning on submitting gtPathways material.  Students whose petitions are approved should follow up with their academic advisors to ensure that core credits are noted on their transcripts.  
The CCOC welcomes and champions its mission in working with the university community towards integrating critical thinking, writing skills, other core learning outcomes, and high-impact practices into the core curriculum.
Departments or programs wishing to propose courses to CCOC for core approval need to submit the following forms and documentation to
Submission Deadlines and Requirements:
  1. Submissions must be made by the department chair or program director.

  2. CCOC accepts course proposals for review in the CU Denver core curriculum during the fall and spring semesters only.

  3. A course proposal is accepted for review only when all completed proposal forms (available below) and the course syllabus are submitted to the CCOC.

  4. A new/modified course proposed for the CU Denver core curriculum must be received by the CCOC prior to census date (1st week in September or February) of the semester prior to offering the course as core. For example, a course to be first taught as core in spring 2016 has a submission deadline of the first week of September 2015.

CCOC proposal forms for submission:
  1. CCOC cover sheet
  2. Course syllabus
  3. Specific core area approval form:
          - CCOC intellectual competency (English or Mathematics)
          - CCOC knowl area (Arts; Humanities; Natural, Physical, Behavioral, or  Social  Sciences)
          - CCOC cultural diversity
          - CCOC int'l perspectives

All lower division courses approved by the CCOC must be submitted to the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) for acceptance into the Guaranteed Transfer (gtPathways) Program. The forms used to submit courses to the CCHE can be found here., in the middle of the page.

For your reference, the CCOC uses this form in its periodic review of Core Course Syllabi and can be found here (Core Course Evaluation Form)


CCOC began its oversight role of all CU Denver core curriculum courses in spring 2008. Working with the assistant and associate deans of the undergraduate schools and colleges, CCOC annually requests that syllabi from each area of approved core courses be submitted to by census date.
Once an undergraduate student has matriculated at CU Denver, that student is expected to complete the core curriculum with CU Denver courses approved by the CCOC. Exceptions to this general policy must be approved by the CCOC.

Students and programs who believe there are special circumstances that warrant a petition to the CCOC must complete and submit the Petition Form, which is available below.

CCOC Petition Form

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