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Study Abroad - Additional Information

Many study abroad programs have specific scholarships reserved for the students of their particular program. There are also many other study abroad scholarships set aside for students wishing to study abroad that do not endorse a specific program. In addition, some general scholarships do not specify studying abroad but will accept your intention to use their scholarship funds for overseas education. There are many scholarships out there, and it might be a rigorous search process finding the ones right for you. Finding scholarships that fit your specific criteria and meet your specific needs is a commitment of time and energy, but is very possible and also very rewarding.

All study abroad programs are not the same and finding a program that is both appropriate for you, and appropriate for your degree program, can be a challenge. While the University of Colorado Denver does not endorse any particular study abroad program, we do offer the following suggestions for finding a program.

  • Visit the study abroad office – The first thing you should do is meet with a Study Abroad Coordinator who can both provide you with possible study abroad programs and let you know about UC Denver’s study abroad policies. Use the Contact Us link on their page or call 303-315-2230 to make an appointment. The Study Abroad Office is located on the 9th Floor in the Lawrence Street Center (1380 Lawrence St., Denver, CO, 80217). For further information, visit their website:
    Global Education/Study Abroad – Office of International Affairs

  • Search the internet for programs – Websites such as and allow you to search by country and language to find a program that might be right for you. There are hundreds of study abroad search engines online to choose from. Be cautious when reading the information provided online or in a program brochure, and do not just assume the program is right for you when you read about it on a website. Once you find a program that looks good, you should call or email the program provider for more details. Keep in mind that although UCD accepts transfer credits from many programs and universities, check with the study abroad office AND your department advisor to ensure that the credits will count towards your University of Colorado degree.
  • Remember the importance of language study – As you begin looking for a program, remember that some programs emphasizes the importance of language study as a major component of your study abroad program. The level of language study available in study abroad programs varies greatly. You should find a program that offers language study appropriate to your level of proficiency. Also note that many countries offer English speaking courses even if the country generally speaks another language.
  • Make sure UCD accepts the credit of your selected program – During the process of looking to study abroad, here is another good time to make an appointment with the Study Abroad Coordinator, as well as with your department’s academic advisor to make sure the study abroad program of your choice will also further your academic degree. Keep in mind that although most students desire a program with credit hours that transfer, you have the option of choosing any study abroad program you want, whether or not the credit transfers to your degree program.
  • Visit the Financial Aid Office – If you will be needing financial assistance for your study abroad program or if you are currently receiving financial aid, such as grants, loans, work study and scholarships, for your UCD education, make an appointment with your Financial Aid Advisor to learn about how you can receive aid for your study abroad program. It is important to note that the financial aid you receive at UCD does not automatically transfer to your semester abroad.

The University of Colorado Denver’s study abroad process comes with both pros and cons. Because we don’t endorse any specific program; your options are unlimited! On the flip side, this means that each individual student must commit themselves to the necessary independent leg work throughout the process of studying abroad. Use this information as guidance to help you get started in making your dream of overseas education a reality!

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