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Scholarship Resource Office

Scholarship Resources Office, University of Colorado Denver

UC Denver Scholarship Resource Office

Available University Applications

 To apply for available scholarships for CONTINUING students:

o    Login to the UCDAccess Portal at

o    Choose the "Student" tab

o    Click the "Student Center" link under "Financial Aid"

o    Click "Scholarship Application" in the Student Center

                           o    Click "Continue to Page Two" 

o    If you meet the requirements of the scholarship, the application link will appear in your portal. 

       Note: some scholarships require you to be enrolled in specific academic subplans or have a specific test score or GPA. You may be eligible to apply but not eligible to receive the award due to these requirements. Please check the specific scholarship requirements on your college's webpage before applying.

 To apply for available scholarships for NEW/PROSPECTIVE students:
In order to login to the portal, you will need a username and password.  Applicants who applied on-line already have an account and can simply follow the steps below.  If you did not apply on-line or submit a new registration at any CU campus, you can create an account by going to and click on the “New User?” link at the bottom of the page. 
Once you create an account, you will receive two email messages.  One will contain your username and the other your password, which you will use to login to the My UCDenver prospective student portal
If you already have an account, but have forgotten your password or username, click on the “Forgot your password?” link, which will direct you to the password reset form.  Please be sure the information you provide is the same as it was when you originally registered for an account.
Apply for Scholarships
Once you are logged into the portal, click on the Finances tab.  Scroll down the page and under the Scholarships heading, click the link titled “Ways to Apply for Scholarships” Click on the “Student Center” link.  Under the Finances banner, click the “Scholarship Application” link.



Please visit the University of Colorado Denver Scholarship Resource Office Website for more information: scholarships                                    

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