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Name and Record Update

Accurate data can save you a lot of headaches!

The Office of the Registrar is required to maintain accurate up-to-date information on all student records. If your information (including name, Social Security number, gender, and/or birthdate) has changed or requires correction, please complete a Name Change & Record Update Form. Incorrect record information may also affect your financial aid.


Students may choose to identify their preferred personal pronouns through UCDAccess.

Where They’re Used

Only authorized school officials (e.g., staff, advisors and others with a legitimate educational interest) will have access to your pronoun settings. Plans are underway to display student-provided pronouns in class, grade and advising rosters and systems.

Although CU doesn't consider pronouns to be highly sensitive data, we don't classify them as directory information either. Therefore, if a third party contacts CU and requests your pronouns, we won't release that information unless you've provided explicit consent for us to do so.

Identify Your Pronouns

You may currently select from the following pronoun options:
  • she/her/hers
  • he/him/his
  • they/them/theirs
  • ze/zir/zirs
  • xe/xer/xers
The pronoun field is optional, and no documentation is required to designate your pronouns.
  • Log in to UCDAccess.
  • From the Student Center drop down, select All Student Functions.
  • Click on Profile.
  • From the Profile pop-up menu, select Pronouns.
Help Educate Faculty and Staff

Communication and training around the use of pronoun information is evolving on campus. If a faculty or staff member refers to you using incorrect pronouns, it is appropriate to tell them you've provided your pronouns to CU and that the Office of the Registrar can help them locate that information.

For information about gender support services, see the CU Denver Women and Gender Center website.​​​​​