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Student Billing - Bursar's Office


Anschutz Medical Campus Students

Tuition and Billing Guide

Tuition Deposit

A confirmation deposit is required of each student entering a school or program on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus in order to reserve a position in the class. The amount of this deposit varies by school, students should check with their school or college to determine the appropriate amount.  This confirmation deposit will be applied to tuition, fees, or any other student obligation during the student's first term of attendance at the university. All confirmation deposits are invested, and 100% of the earnings from these deposits are assigned to Student Financial Aid for distribution to students by program on the basis of need. The confirmation deposit is due within two weeks of receipt of the admissions offer and is refundable up to 60 days prior to your actual registration date.

The following policy, as agreed to by each of the Schools of the Anschutz Medical Campus, details how student tuition deposits will be handled. This policy pertains only to the tuition deposits paid by students who never attend classes at university. The tuition deposit policy for students who actually do matriculate and attend classes is already detailed above.

Refunding Tuition Deposits for first time students

  1. If a first-time student notifies a School 60 days or more before the first day of the term that he or she was accepted or that he or she will not be attending UC Denver, the tuition deposit will be refunded to the student.  Each School will notify the Bursar's office in writing or email shortly after the 60-day limit so that the Bursar's office can make the necessary entry to the student's account to refund the deposit.
  2. If a first-time student notifies a School 59 days or less before the first day of the term that he or she was accepted or that he or she will not be attending, the tuition deposit will be forfeited. The deposit will go to the School that the student would have attended.
  3. If a first-time student starts to attend class and then withdraws, the deposit will be handled based on whether or not there are charges on the student’s account. If there are, the deposit will be applied to the balance due. If there are no charges, the deposit will be forfeited to the respective School. 

For students who fall into categories 2 or 3, each School will notify the Bursar’s office in writing or email shortly after the add/drop period for each term so that the Bursar’s office can make the necessary entry to the student’s account to either apply the deposit or forfeited the deposit to the School.

Drop/Add Late Registration

Complete adjustment of tuition and fees will be made on drop/add changes through the first ten days of classes only. No refunds or changes will be made for dropping courses after the tenth day of classes. Charges will be assessed for the addition of courses. Students who believe they dropped a class within the first ten days of class but who were still charged for that class should contact their school's Admissions/Student Affairs office to file a formal appeal. If their respective school believes that the circumstances justify relief from the tuition charges, the school will work with the Registrar's office to drop the student from that class. PLEASE NOTE THAT DROPPING ALL CLASSES FOR A PARTICULAR TERM IS CONSIDERED A WITHDRAWAL, WHETHER OR NOT THE STUDENT OFFICIALLY WITHDRAWS FROM THE UNIVERSITY.

Late Registration Penalty

A late registration penalty of $60 will be charged to students who are authorized to register after their regular registration period. This penalty will be charged on registrations for Candidate for Degree and Doctoral Thesis.  Finally, the late registration penalty is separate and distinct from any penalty that may be assessed for late payment of tuition and fees.

Payment, Late Fees, Service Charges

Students enrolling at the university are responsible for full payment of tuition and fees and should be prepared to pay their bills in full.  Tuition and fees are due and payable on the published due date each semester.  Starting in the Fall 2009 semester, the university will offer an optional deferred payment plan to students at the Anschutz Medical Campus. 

Failure to receive a tuition bill does not dismiss the student from his or her obligation for payment.  Failure to pay tuition does not cancel classes and therefore does not eliminate or reduce the financial obligation.  Students are financially liable for all classes for which they are registered.  Failure to attend classes does not cancel a student's registration.  Note: Stopping payment on a check does not cancel classes.

The student's initial bill will be comprised of tuition and fees for the current term as well as any fees to cover the period from the current term.  The initial bill may also include any credits due for the employee tuition reduction, advance payments and deposits and financial aid when applicable.  Students with unpaid tuition balances will not be allowed to register for subsequent semesters nor will they be allowed to obtain a copy of their transcript.

Credit Cards

The CU Anschutz Medical Campus Bursar's office does not accept credit cards for the payment of tuition and fees. Due to the administrative fee charged to the institution, the university is not able to accept the cost without passing it on to the students in the form of higher tuition charges. The interest rate charged on credit cards normally exceeds that of the institutional funds available to students and the institutional funds also have more favorable payback terms than do credit cards.

Personal Checks

There is a $20.00 returned check fee on all items returned by a financial institution, effective fall term 2005.

Deferred Payment Plan

Students have the option of paying their tuition and fee balance in three monthly installments. The deferred payment plan is structured as follows; however you should refer to the Bursar's Calendar for specific dates and deadlines:

  • 1/3 of initial bill - due on the first term due date
  • 1/3 second installment - due on the second term due date
  • 1/3 final installment + $35 payment plan fee (non-refundable) - due on the third term due date

Students may sign-up for the payment plan via the UCD Access portal:

UCD Access Student Tab > Student Center > Account Inquiry > Account Services

The deadline to sign-up for the payment plan is census date.  Students will not be allowed to choose this plan after that date.


The deadline to sign up for the fall pay plan is September 3, 2014.  Students who have past due charges on their account are ineligible for the pay plan option.

Service Charges

A monthly service charge of 1.75% will be added to a student account if the account is not paid in full. This charge will be assessed to a student account that has an unpaid balance on the bill due date, and on the last day of each month thereafter.

The University of Colorado DenverAnschutz Medical Campus will consider an adjustment of service charges only in cases on University error or where the University has been responsible for a delay in normal processing.

Delinquent Accounts


Students who do not pay the charges for one term by the end of the first ten days of class in the following term will be subject to in-house collections. Accounts referred for in-house collection will have a service fee of twenty percent added to the balance due.


By Colorado statute, the University is not permitted to determine the timing nor the agencies to which we refer delinquent student accounts. State law and administrative policies enacted are specific as to the procedures we must follow. Collection activity is now at the discretion of Central Collection Services for the State of Colorado. Once an account has been referred to this agency, the following actions will be taken:


  1. No transcripts will be issued for the student until the bill is paid in full
  2. Service charges of 1.75 percent per month will continue to be assessed
  3. Your account will be reported to the credit bureau


Refunds and Withdrawals

No change of program or withdrawal is valid without the written consent of the dean or dean's designee of the school or program in which the student is registered. If a student withdraws from the University after the first ten days of class, NO refund of tuition will be granted. Fees are also nonrefundable.

The deans or their designees of the various schools at the Health Sciences campuses may, under extenuating circumstances, waive all or a portion of tuition charges and those fees recorded in the school's accounts upon a student's withdrawal or dismissal from school. Students requesting tuition relief due to a withdrawal for unforeseen circumstances should contact their school’s Admissions/Student Affairs office to file a formal appeal. If their respective school believes that the circumstances justify relief from the tuition charges, the school will work with the Registrar’s office to enter the appropriate tuition rebate percentage on the student account.

The University must follow specific federal refund calculations for students receiving financial assistance and who withdraw from school. The University is required to determine the correct refund applicable to first-time students who withdraw within the first term and the refund for continuing students who withdraw within the first term and the refund for continuing students who withdraw. For further information on the required refund policy for students receiving financial aid, please see the university's Financial Aid bulletin on Withdrawing and Financial Aid. This bulletin is available in the student Financial Aid office, located in Education2 North building.

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