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For Parents

Welcome to the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver)! At the CU Denver, a majority of the financial aid information is communicated directly with your student. However, we know that you are very involved in your student’s education so this section is to help keep you informed of the financial aid process and requirements.

Please browse our web site for other financial aid information. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

 Student Privacy (FERPA) for Parents

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) sets limits on the disclosure of personally identifiable information from school records, and defines the rights of the student to review the records, request a change to the records and consent to disclosure of the records. The Notification of Rights Under the FERPA at CU Denver|Anschutz is located on the Office of the Registrar's web site under Student Privacy.

If your student would like to give consent to disclose the financial aid record to you, your student will be asked to complete and submit the Release of Confidential Information form.


 Preparing Financially for College

The College Preparation Checklist helps the first-time college student and parent prepare financially and academically for college.

The Direct PLUS Loan Basics for Parents provides information on the Direct PLUS Loan for parents including eligibility, how to apply, and repayment.

Don't Get Scammed on Your Way to College offers tips on avoiding scams when looking for financial aid for college.

Funding Your Education - The Guide to Federal Student Aid provides information on preparing for college, types of federal student aid and eligibility, the FAFSA, and student loan repayment.


 Apply for Financial Aid

Go to for instructions and the link to submitting the FAFSA.

Who is My "Parent" When I Fill Out the FAFSA? helps answer common questions about determiing which parent's information to report on the FAFSA.

Reporting Same-Sex Marriage on the FAFSA​ explains how a same-sex couple who is legally married should fill out the FAFSA.​


 Apply for Scholarships

Apply for Scholarships

Scholarship Application Tips

College In Colorado is a source for local, state, and national undergraduate a source for local, state, and national undergraduate scholarships.


 Find Student Employment

Students can work part-time while in school in three types of employment: work-study, student hourly or regular hourly. Click on the link for more information and instructions for finding student employment.