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Student Employment

University Employer Information and Forms

​Our forms are in Adobe PDF format so you'll need Adobe Reader to view, complete, and print the forms.

University Employers Checklist

  1. Post a position using our Job Board. (NOTE: Posting positions is not required for student hires if you have already selected a candidate.)​
  2. After selecting a candidate, request that he or she bring a copy of current enrollment information (current schedule) and, if the candidate has a work-study award, a copy of the award letter or similar proof. CU Denver|Anschutz students can access this information via the UCDAccess Portal.
  3. IMPORTANT: Student Employee Background Check Policy

    All student employees are subject to the University's background check policy. For more information, please see the policy statement on the HR website.

  4. As a condition of employment, ALL student employees must consent to a background check using the HR Background Disclosure and Authorization Form (pdf). Students CANNOT begin working until the check has been completed. Once the check is completed, we will notify you via e-mail and the student(s) can submit the rest of the payroll forms listed below and proceed with the employment process.
  5. Provide the student with all the necessary payroll forms:
Form Special Instructions Where It Goes
Personal-Data Worksheet (xls) Should be as complete as possible. Obtain the student's CU Denver|Anschutz email address. Keep the original for employer files, enter the information into PeopleSoft.
DHS Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification (pdf) Fill out employer portion. Verify documents, and make copies of the supporting documentation. Original I-9 and copies of the supporting documents goes to CU Human Resources (UCD Campus Box 130) Copy of the I-9 is for employer files (keep document copies for 60 days, then dispose).
IRS Form W-4 Make sure the student chooses either exempt or a number of allowances - they cannot do both. Original W-4 goes to CU Payroll and Benefits Services (Campus Box 575 - BOULDER SHUTTLE)
Direct Deposit Authorization (pdf) Make sure the student has signed the direct deposit form and has provided you with a voided check (or deposit form if using a savings account) Original Direct Deposit Form and the voided check/deposit slip goes to CU Payroll and Benefits Services (Campus Box 575 SYS)
Social Security Card (SSC) The Internal Revenue Service requires that the social security number and the name of the employee for payroll purposes match the number and employee name found on the social security card. Do not keep copies of the SSC in the student's file longer than 60 days after hire - make sure the name on the I-9 matches the name on the SSC and then return the card.
Affirmation of Legal Work Status Form (pdf)​ This form is required of all new employees at CU Denver|Anschutz. The departmental payroll liason should complete the form after verifying the employee's I-9 documents (which establish eligibility to work). The original form should be sent to Human Resources (UCD Campus Box 130) along with the I-9 and supporting documents within three days of employee hire.
Background Disclosure and Authorization Form (pdf) All student employees must consent to a background check as a condition of employment. Students CANNOT begin working until the check is completed and approved. Print out and fax form to (303) 315-2721. CU HR will e-mail you when the background check is complete. Make sure to complete the Supervisor/Hiring Authority field at the top.
Address/Phone/Email Change for Active Employees Form (xls) Have students complete this form when their contact information changes. Keep the form for your records and enter new information into PeopleSoft HR.
Emergency-Contact (xls) This form records emergency contact information for the student employee. Enter into PeopleSoft HR when prompted after setting up new employee. Keep in student's file.
  • When the completed paperwork packet is received (I-9, Direct Deposit Form, Personal Data Worksheet, W-4), submit the forms to the appropriate departments (see matrix above).
  • Complete the following forms, which are included in the 2013-14 Student Employment Handbook (pdf)​.
  1. Job Description
  2. Student Employee Letter of Offer
  3. Student Employee Timesheet

Please keep the Job Description and Letter of Offer in the student's folder along with the completed weekly timesheets.

  1. Collect timesheets from the student prior to the deadlines listed on the 2014-15 Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar (pdf). Be sure to verify hours and that the timesheet is signed by both the immediate supervisor and the student. Have the department PeopleSoft operator (PPL) enter the student's time according to the PBS production calendar.
  2. If payroll feeds incorrectly (for example, the department gets charged 100% for a work-study student, etc.), complete a Payroll Expense Transfer Request Form (xls). Use the payroll calendar to complete the form for the affected pay periods - call Student Employment if there are any questions while completing the form.
  3. For more information, review the following tools:
    1. 2013-14 Student Employment Handbook (pdf)​
    2. Student Employee Job Class Descriptions (pdf)
    3. Student Evaluation Form (pdf)
    4. 2013-14 Work-Study Tracking Spreadsheet (xls)
    5. 2014-15 Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar (pdf)​
    6. Student Employee Pay Matrix​ (pdf)

NOTE regarding Student Retirement:

Federal law requires that students must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours (graduate student minimum 6 credit hours, 3 credit hours for Summer) for the term in which they are employed to be exempt from the Colorado Student Retirement Plan. The only exception to this Federal law is that any student working in the semester/quarter in which they will graduate, are not held to the above minimum credit hour requirement. All non-CU Denver|Anschutz students must pay Student Retirement as well -- this includes any students entered into job codes 4301 and 4401.​​

Please contact Payroll and Benefits Services at (303) 860-4200 for more information about the Student Retirement Program.

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