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Financial Aid & Scholarships Office


Student Employment

Off-Campus Employer Information and Forms

​Our forms are in Adobe PDF format so you'll need Adobe Reader to view, complete, and print the forms.

General Employer Information​

All on-campus Un​iversity employers must read, be familiar with, and abide by the Student Employment Policies and the On-Campus University Employer Responsibilities sections of the Student Employment Handbook. All employers must ensure every student hired has read and understands the Student Employment Policies and Student Employee Information and Policy sections of the Student Employment Handboo​k.

It is the responsibility of employers to work with a student and come up with a reasonable schedule that meets the employer’s needs along with the student’s academic needs. There will be times during the semester (i.e. midterms and finals) where student’s schedules may need to be adjusted. Planning ahead of time will help reduce the inconvenience to employers.

All employers and/or departments must maintain, and are responsible for keeping student employee personnel files on-site, and up-to-date. These personnel files should include the following documentation for each student employee hired:

1. Co​​py of P​ersonal Information Worksheet 6. Copy of all student Class Schedules
2. Copy of Emergency Contact Worksheet 7. Copy of all signed Timesheets
3. Copy of Approved Background Check email from HR 8. Any student Performance Evaluations
4. Copy of signed Letter of Offer 9. Any student performance warnings
5. Copy of student Job Description​

Please Note: Any earnings over a student’s work-study award will be paid at 100% by the employing department. The Student Employment Office will attempt to notify departments and employers when their students are running out of funds; however it is ultimately the students and supervisors responsibility to keep track of work-study earnings and awards throughout the semester. Furthermore, it is the sole responsibility of the student to be aware of possible funding and status changes, along with any work-study award reductions to their Financial Aid throughout a semester. It is also the sole responsibility of the student to immediately inform their supervisor of any changes which can affect their work-study award and employment eligibility.

Hiring Student Employees

To obtain a healthy pool of students from which to select, it is the recommendation of the Student Employment Office that employers develop and post a Job Announcement to the University of Colorado Denver │Anschutz Medical Campus Student Job Board. Employer must first create a login and profile to complete Job Announcements. To do this, please visit the link below and register your department/organization.

After registering and completing a Job Announcement, employers can manage, delete, or edit postings at any time by logging back in to the Student Job Board system. Employers can find the Job Board for re-login and management on the Student Employment webpage at:

After the interviewing process has concluded and a student employee has been selected, employers must provide the proper hiring paperwork (below), to complete the hiring process. In the case of employers hiring Work-Study students, the employer must collect proof of a student’s Work-Study award (provided by the student), before the student can officially be hired. If a student fails to provide this information in a timely manner, the employment opportunity may be revoked by the employer.

IMPORTANT: Student Employee Background Check Policy

All student employees are subject to the University’s background check policy. HR liaisons must submit the online Background Check Request and students must submit the Background Check Consent On-line form upon receiving an email with instructions form HireRight, Inc. Students will not be hired until the Background Check has been completed and the hiring authority has received results from Human Resources. For further information, please see the University’s Policy Statement.

Off-Campus Student Employment Hiring Paperwork:

1. Work-Study Authorization Form (WAF) (1 page) 5. IRS W-4 form (2 pages)
2. Personal Information Worksheet (2 pages) 6. Direct Deposit form (1 page)
3. Emergency Contact Worksheet (1 page) ​​7. University Background Request Online Form
4. Federal I-9 form (5 pages)

To properly setup new student employees in HRMS, and avoid delays in HR and Employee Services processing, University employers should review all paperwork and documentation carefully.

New Hire Paperwork and Instructions

​​Form Instructions
Work-Study Authorization Form​ (WAF) (1 page PDF) Needed with new hire paperwork and at the beginning of each semester. Student employees cannot work until Student Employment has received this form and supervisors have received a Work-Study Confirmation email.
Personal information  Worksheet (2 pages XLS) Needed to enter employee information into HRMS. Original to be kept in Student Employment Files
Emergency Contact Worksheet (1 page XLS) Needed to enter employee information into HRMS. Original to be kept in Student Employment Files 
Federal I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification (5 pages PDF) Student must submit to Student Employment in person with supporting documents.
IRS Form W-4 (2 pages PDF) Student must complete and submit to Student Employment Office
Direct Deposit Authorization (1 page PDF) Student must complete and submit to the Student Employment Office with a voided check
Background Check Disclosure (2 pages) Complete and submit to Student Employment. The Student Employment Office will complete the online form. Upon completion the applicant will receive an email from HireRight, Inc with further instructions on submitting their own background check consent form on-line.
Address/Phone/Email Change Form (1 page XLS) Only required if Employee needs to update their contact information in HRMS after initially being hired.

*The Student Employment Office requires the New Hire packet to be completed and submitted in its entirety*

Additional Forms and Information

  1. 2015-16 Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar​ (pdf)
    Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar for all student employees including student hourly and work-study
  2. 2014-15 Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar (pdf)
    Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar for all student employees including student hourly and work-study
  3. 2014-15 Student Employment Handbook​​
    The Student Employment Policies and information
  4. Student Job Class Descriptions
    The student employee job descriptions for each class and pay range
  5. Student Evaluation Form​
    Form to help evaluate student employees within university departments
  6. 2014-15 Work-Study Tracking Spreadsheet (XLS)
    Spreadsheet for supervisors track work-study award earnings for work-study employees
  7. Student Employee Pay Matrix (pdf)
    The minimum and maximum pay rate for each job class
  8. SEO Notice of Separation
    Form to submit to the Student Employment office when a student has been terminated

Time Entry Regulation

Supervisors of off-campus work-study students are responsible for facilitating time collection within their departments. The Student Employment Office is responsible for managing the time entry process for all Off-Campus Work-Study Employers (including students working in MSUD/CCD/AHEC/UCH/etc. departments).

Students must complete bi-weekly time records listing time in & time out for each day worked, with a way in-which supervisor can verify the hours worked.

PLEASE NOTE: Students are to be paid only for hours worked. You cannot pay a student for anticipated hours. Supervisors must review the time record for accuracy to verify that the student is reporting the correct time. Supervisors and students CANNOT hold hours when waiting for a work-study award. Students must be paid hourly until the date work-study has been awarded.

Supervisors and students must adhere to the time collection deadlines and facilitate time collection with the department Payroll Liaison (PPL). Time Collection deadlines are available on the Employee Services payroll calendar at:

Employers and students may also refer to the Student Employment Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar for pay period beginning/end dates, student pay dates, along with work-study beginning/end dates for each semester.

Student employees are to be paid only for hours worked, and may not include anticipated hour on a timesheet. If a student employee is found to be intentional forging hours (hour not actually worked), this will be considered grounds for immediate termination.

State Procedure P-3-35 states “Time worked must be recorded in 15 minute units (round to the nearest quarter hour); i.e. *15 minutes = .25 of an hour *30 minute = .50 of an hour *45 minutes = .75 of an hour

Example: If a student punches in at 7:11 you should round the time to 7:15 and they left at 4:25 –round the time to 4:30. Using these rounded figures, the student worked 9.25 hours for the day.​

Student Employee Termination

Students are ‘at will’ employees; this means the hiring department can terminate a student at any time. Student employees may also be terminated for performance related or disciplinary reasons, such as:

  • Lack of performance or attendance
  • Falsifications of timesheet
  • Releasing of restricted information
  • Theft
  • Unauthorized or fraudulent use of equipment and/or property
  • Violation of University policies and procedures

At the time of termination, employers must immediately inform Employee Services of the student termination and request, within 6 hours, a hand drawn check must be processed for the hours worked by the terminated student. You can find the Handdrawn Warrant Request form Here. Please make sure that the student has completely filled out his/her time sheet, including signature, for the hours worked during the pay period at the time of termination.

We recommend that your department develop a termination policy and communicate it to your employees upon hiring. Some things you might want to consider when writing a policy:

PLEASE NOTE: Student Retirement

Federal law requires that students must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours (graduate student minimum 3 credit hours) for the term in which they are employed to be exempt from the Colorado Student Retirement Plan. The only exception to this Federal law is that any student working in the semester/quarter in which they will graduate, are not held to the above minimum credit hour requirement.

Please contact CU Employee Services at (303) 860-4200 with any questions, or visit for more information about the Student Retirement Program.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​updated​​​​​​

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