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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver

ORS Contacts


Office of Research Services

​​The CU Denver Office of Research Services (ORS) is the faculty development component of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Creative Work. ORS provides faculty development resources targeted at enhancing faculty research and creative work (contact Bob Damrauer and/or Michael Jenson). Housed within ORS is the Office of Research Development and Education (ORDE) whose services focus on supporting faculty success in external funding ( (contact Lynette Michael and/or Naomi Nishi). ORS offers faculty proposal support for sponsored project grant and contract applications (contact Stefan Reiss).

Interested in Interdisciplinary Research Opportunities?

Click here​ for the CRC information / events blog:​



    Are you interested in
    applying for the CRC
     Faculty Fellowship?

        The deadline is
          June 15, 2018