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Online IACUC Protocol Submission


Protocol applications are to be submitted online. Please note the following:

·         Please allow adequate time for the online application process; submission deadlines (especially for three-year renewals) cannot be extended.
·         The new eSirius database is for both IACUC protocols and Animal Ordering, effective immediately. The URL is:  (Chrome is recommended)
·         Please use the username and password that you use to log into the University system to access the eSirius website. (eSirius is behind the UC Denver | AMC firewall, so you need to VPN in or be on campus in order to have access.)
·         If you are doing a three-year protocol renewal, in the Mailbox click on De Novo Reviews and click on the protocol number in the list.  You'll be directed to the De Novo Review page.  Fill in the requested information, click Save, and the page will appear again displaying a button at the bottom that says, "Start De Novo Review".  Click this button. You will need to go through each page of the protocol in order to submit the rewrite.  Even if there are no changes to be made to a section, you must trigger the Save function in each section in order for it to display a green checkmark in the Table of Contents (and enable it to be submitted).
·         Personnel to be named as associates on a protocol must be identified in a master 'drop down' list in order for you to select associates during the protocol application process. At present the Personnel Qualifications (PQ) form will still be used to provide information about personnel. One form for each person (Principal Investigator [PI] included) named on the protocol must be submitted to the IACUC Office. Please allow adequate time (at least 72 hours) for the PQ data for new people to be activated in the system. Submit one signed PQ form for all NEW personnel so that the IACUC can review their qualifications in concert with the submitted protocol. Contact the IACUC Office if you have questions.
·         The PI must start the protocol and the PI must submit the protocol.  For lab personnel who write the protocol, the PI will need to create the protocol and make sure that individual is listed on the Personnel page.  The individual will then be able view and have access to edit the protocol. All protocol associates listed on the protocol will be able to view only the protocol.
·         Strains: If you do not see your strain in the dropdown, for external orders, please provide vendor name and the stock number (e.g. JAX # 002216). For rodent breeding colonies, please email or use this document to develop a standardized nomenclature. Please allow adequate time (at least 72 hours) for the strain to be added to the system.  The Strains section is DIRECTLY linked to animal ordering.  All strains must be listed in this section or you will not be able to order them and any transfers of unlisted strains will be significantly delayed.
Chemicals: Please use “contains” to search for chemicals.  If you do not see your chemical/experimental agent in the dropdown, please provide an SDS and a CAS number, if available, and email and Please allow adequate time (at least 72 hours) for the agent to be added to the system.





·    Please provide PQ forms for new personnel to the IACUC office.

·     Please ensure you have a green check mark in each section in the Table of Contents before submitting.

·     Please remember that only the PI can start and submit a protocol or amendment.

·     A pre-review by a member of the veterinary staff is offered and highly suggested. The deadline for pre review is 11 days prior to the normal deadline for a meeting. Your protocol submission will be sent to a vet for comments and returned to the investigator at least 4 days prior to the final meeting deadline in order for suggested corrections to be made and the protocol re-submitted before the regular deadline.

·    Help with eSirius is available by calling 303-724-9215.