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Biological Agents In Research Involving Export Control Regulations

For Researchers And Their Depratments

There are two sets of export control regulation that govern the biological agents and shipments. The Export Administration Regulations (EAR) govern dual-use items, technologies and software with commercial and military applications. The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) govern materials, technologies and software specifically designed for military applications.

Most research at CU Denver|Anschutz Medical Campus is considered unrestricted and considered fundamental research, which is basic or applied research in science and engineering, where the resulting information is ordinarily published and shared broadly with the scientific community. However, in certain situations, the fundamental research exemption may not apply and further analysis of the planned project is required.

Persons who plan to work with biological agents governed by the export control regulations are required to contact the export control officer in advance of planned research. A license or other authorization maybe needed before work can commence.

Contact the Export Control Office with any questions. 303-724-0245

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