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Office of Regulatory Compliance

Office of Regulatory Compliance

Application of Public Health System Conflict of Interest Policy to Non-Federal Sponsors


Many non-federal granting agencies follow the Public Health System (PHS) Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) policy. Accordingly, Grants and Contracts will follow the same procedure which governs PHS with respect to Conflict of Interest disclosures. This means that if an agency follows the PHS FCOI policy, all key personnel will need to have a COI disclosure on file with the Office of Regulatory Compliance before the grant may be submitted to the agency.

A partial list of non-federal agencies following the PHS policy is available on the FDP website at:​ ​

Additional information concerning Conflict of Interest is Available on Grants and Contracts website and Office of Regulatory Compliance-Conflict of Interest pages:

Please contact Grants and Contracts if you have questions​.​​