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Course Information

Radiation Safety

The Radiation Safety Training Manual​ is available as a study guide to prepare for Initial Training Parts I and II, and PI RAM Training. 

Radiation Worker Training 

Initial two-part training, as well as annual refresher training, are required to achieve and maintain Radiation Worker certification. It is recommended, but not required, to take the initial two-part training sequentially. Part I and the refresher are accessed on Skillsoft​.

Folded Training Graphic RADIATION SFTY.png
Radiation Safety Training Part II is conducted in-classroom, with sessions offered monthly. If unable to attend a scheduled session, email​ a request for a walk-in session.

Principal Investigator RAM Training

In addition to the training noted above, PIs seeking to use RAM must also complete RAM PI Training​. This training is conducted in-classroom with sessions offered monthly. If unable to attend a scheduled session, email​ a request for a walk-in session.​

​Other Classroom Radiation Training
Contact Riad Safadi, 303-724-0235, to arrange training in the following:
    • ​DEXA, pQCT (RAD 201)
    • Fluoroscopy x-ray (RAD 202)
    • ​X-irradiator - RC2 (RAD 207)