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Community Engagement Pilot Program (CE-Pilot)

Past Awards

The CCTSI is proud to announce the CE-Pilot Awardees. These projects were chosen by rigorous scientific review from many applications submitted for consideration. Please join us in congratulating these talented investigators. (*Principal Investigator)



Community Partner
Project Title
collapse Project Type : Joint Pilot ‎(2)
Griselda Pena-Jackson
Promoting Early Identification and Intervention for Children with or at Risk for Developmental Delay
Brandy Kramer
A Pilot Exploration of Community-Led WALKshops for Improving Chronic Disease Prevention and Management in the Bhutanese/Nepali Refugee Community
collapse Project Type : Partnership Development ‎(4)
Lori A. Ropa, CAE
Crisis Prevention through Planning: A Partnership to Support Individuals with a Dual Diagnosis in the I/DD Community
Andrea Clement-Johnson, MS
Building community partnerships to promote the human papilloma virus vaccine
Lisa Thompson
Building a Partnership to Improve Hospital Care and Care Transitions for Vulnerable Homeless Patients
Jim Johnson
The San Luis Valley Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative


Community Partner
Project Title
collapse Project Type : Joint Pilot ‎(4)
Laura Schwartz, LCSW
Comparative Effectiveness Pilot Study for Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Prevention in Hispanic/Latino Adolescents
Yvonne Myers, BS, CAN
Building a Compassionate Community Actively Living Mindfulness (CCALM) to Promote Health and Well-Being Among Older Adults, Family Caregivers, and Care Staff
Mirna Ramirez-Castro
A Community-based Intervention to Improve Oral Health Knowledge and Behavior in Latino Primary Caregivers of Children Under the Age of 6 Years
Megan Miccio, MSW
Incorporating Video Storytelling into Trauma-Informed Practice with Low-Income Youth of Color
collapse Project Type : Partnership Development ‎(6)
Brandy Kramer
Community/Academic Partnership to Improve Cardiovascular Health in Metro-Area Refugee Communities
Maisha Fields
Partnering with a Community of Color to Create a Culturally Responsive Program: Smart Fit Girls
Michael Russum, MD
Addressing the need for education and early detection services for HPV and cervical cancer in the Denver Latina community
Kimberly Penney, MSW, LCSW
TAPT-In Parenting (Teaching Adoptive Parents Trauma-Informed Parenting) partnership development
Jennifer Rosendo, MA
Parents & Child Care Providers Partnering to Support the Social and Emotional Health & Development of Young Children: Implementing Relationship-based Curricula at Home & in Early Head Start Setting
Sara Kennedy
Enhancing Well-Being for Children with Hearing Loss and Their Families

 2016 CE-Pilot Program Awards

Community Partner
Project Title
collapse Project Type : Joint Pilot ‎(5)
Jill Bonczynski RD, MS
Intervening on postpartum weight-retention in a WIC setting
Leslie Eber, MD
Antimicrobial Stewardship in Long Term Care
Traci Wieland
"This Is My Gym": A program encouraging children and their families to be active through play and interaction with the built and natural environment in Mesa County.
Liza Marron, MA
A Community Based Approach to Implementing Farm to School in the San Luis Valley
Griselda Pena-Jackson
Power Down to Power Up: Feasibility and Efficacy of a Community Based Sleep Health for Youth
collapse Project Type : Partnership Development ‎(6)
Mirna Ramirez-Castro
Developing a Community –Academic partnership to engage Latino families in reducing early childhood caries
Griselda Pena-Jackson
A partnership to engage communities and stakeholders on the subject of youth access to legal marijuana.
Yvonne Myers
Building mindfulness and contemplative practices for residents family and staff into a system of care for aging adults
Laura Schwartz
Unidos por la salud/United for health: Innovative community-academic solutions for diabetes prevention in Northern Colorado
Nita Gonzales, MEd
La Escuela Healthy Lifestyle Collaborative
Janet Meredith, MBA
Youth Community Health Awareness Partnership

 2015 CE-Pilot Program Awards

Community Partner
Project Title
collapse Project Type : Joint Pilot ‎(4)
Penny Cooper, MD
Using Boot Camp Translation to Create a Community of Solution for Cancer Survivorship in the San Luis Valley
Fernando Pineda-Reyes
Finding the "desire line" - Supporting Latinos in their own path to diabetes prevention
Toshiko Dignam
Measuring Efficacy of Training Transfer and Feasibility of Technology Components that Support the Success of Promotores de Salud Workers
Jeanette Cordova
Improving Access to Autism Care for Hispanic/Latino Families
collapse Project Type : Partnership Development ‎(8)
Kelly Giddens
Research in Service of Communities: Demystifying, Communicating, and Incorporating Public Health Research on Energy Development
Rick Ellsmore
Stabilizing Families through Conflict Reduction Among Teen Parents
Margaret E. Brawley
Sleep Health in Children and their Families
Greg Gahm, MD
The Colorado Long Term Care Research Partnership: A Community Partnership and Research Collaboration to Promote Health for Residents of Long Term Care Communities
Erin Ulric, MPH
Establishment of a community-academic partnership to address the intergenerational transmission of obesity in low-income mothers and children
Rudy Gonzales
Building Community Partnerships to Address Current Social Inequities Impacting the Mental Health of the Latino Community
Andrea Nederveld
Engaging Mesa County for Action on Pediatric Obesity
Naomi Orona Reyes
Partnership to Explore Mindfulness Training in Pueblo City Schools to Prevent School Violence and Empower Health Decisions

 2014 CE-Pilot Program Awards

Community Partner
Project Title
collapse Project Type : Joint Pilot ‎(3)
Sarah McCarthy*
Is time-banking an effective social capital building model to help maintain or improve seniors' health in Colorado?
Rubin Medina
A Community Feasibility Study of Tobacco Behaviors, Cessation Barriers Including Chronic Life Stressors, and Community Reach Among a Multi-Ethnic, Low SES Community in Aurora
Kendall Rames
Feasibility of Using SBIRT for Mental Health Screening with Runaway/Homeless Youth
collapse Project Type : Partnership Development ‎(8)
Adrianne Maddux
Engaging Native American Populations in Improving Understanding of Genetic Cardiovascular Conditions and Related Research
Dawn Barrett
Community Partnership to Facilitate Positive Youth Development and Prevent Youth and Gang Violence in Aurora, Colorado
Rebecca Born
Park Hill Healthy Families Food Action Research Network
Jeanette Cordova
Culture and Community: Building Partnership to Serve Spanish-Speaking Families Living with Autism
Maisha Pollard
Building the Platform to Evaluate the Effectiveness of a Joint Community-Academic Interdisciplinary Student-run Free Clinic Venture in Original Aurora
Toshiko Dignam
Partnership to Study Effectiveness and Replication of Promotores de Salud Program in High Need Denver Neighborhoods
Adam Evans
Establishment of a Community-Based Partnership to Develop Primary Prevention Strategies Related to Youth Mental Health
Stacy Weinberg
Partnership to Improve Child and Adolescent Mental Health by Promoting the Interrelatedness of Mental Health and Physical Health

 2013 CE-Pilot Program Awards

Community Partner
Project Title
collapse Project Type : Joint Pilot ‎(6)
Kit Taintor, MPH
African Immigrants and Refugees, Part Two: Evaluating an Expanded Community Health Worker Program
Lisa Raville
“Let’s talk about life”: Empowering our community to prevent deaths from overdose
Janet Meredith*
Community and Students against Healthcare Racism: developing and testing interventions with providers and community
Grant Jones
Physical Activity among Older African Americans in the Denver Metropolitan Area
Dawn Loge-Greer
Translating an Evidence-based SUD/MH Treatment for Adolescents to a School Setting
Robin Waterman, PhD
Measuring the Effectiveness of Community-based Health Programs Targeting Latino Immigrants
collapse Project Type : Partnership Development ‎(2)
George DelGrosso*
Addressing Data Infrastructure and Health Outcomes for the Community Mental Health System
Scott Romero and Jade Williamson
Partnership to Study School-Based Health Care Effectiveness

 2012 CE-Pilot Program Awards

Community Partner
Project Title
collapse Project Type : Joint Pilot ‎(6)
Sonia Okuyama Sasaki, MD*
Pilot Study of the Feasibility and Acceptability of Psychosocial Counseling via Telephone for Underserved Cancer Survivors at Denver Health Hospital
Rachel Cleaves*
Factors Influencing Participation and Cardiovascular Outcomes in a Community-Based Zumba Exercise Program
George Ware
Testing methods for identifying and describing the health, health care needs and resources for socially isolated older adults
Leah Huffer-Solomon, CTRS
Evaluation of a Joint Community Health Services and City Parks and Recreation Exercise Program
Tammye Pirie
An Investigation of Home-Based, Computerized Cognitive Rehabilitation for High School Students with Persistent Learning and Behavioral Symptoms Following Brain Injury
Lucille Johnson*
Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity for African-American Women
collapse Project Type : Partnership Development ‎(2)
Lourdes Yun*
Integrative Care Services for Asian Pacific Islanders in Colorado Communities
Robin Waterman, PhD
Establishment of a community-academic partnership to develop evidence-based lifestyle interventions aimed towards obesity prevention and weight-loss in Latino families

 2011 CE-Pilot Program Awards

Community Partner
Project Title
collapse Project Type : Joint Pilot ‎(6)
Ken Helander, MA;
Cathy Grimm, LCSW;
Jessica Haxton Retrum, PhD, LCSW
Translating the Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) model to address health and social service gaps for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) senior population
Ricardo Padilla, MD
Improving survival from Out-of Hospital Cardiac Arrest in high-risk neighborhoods (Denver OHCA): A community-based participatory research study to understand barriers to CPR
Acceptability of social-emotional screening in a population of Latino children
Grant Jones
Senior Wellness Initiative and TOPS Collaboration for Health (SWITCH)
Fernando Pineda-Reyes*
Barriers to adoption of cessation treatment among Mexican-American/Chicano smokers
Implementation and evaluation of a perinatal mental health education and systems integration program for low income women
collapse Project Type : Partnership Development ‎(3)
Deryk Sanchez Standring, MA*
Research protocol to identify and test HIV prevention messages that gay/bi men in the Denver metropolitan area are receptive to using in their social networks
Developing a partnership for the implementation of school-based integrated mental health and substance abuse/dependence treatment for adolescent high school students
Kit Taintor, MPH
Improving access to health care and increasing disease screening and prevention for African immigrants and refugees

 2010 CE-Pilot Program Awards

Community Partner Affiliation
Project Title
collapse Project Type :  ‎(10)
Rocky Mountain Health Care Services: Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)
Field testing a self-administered cognitive and psychological screen in an integrated primary care setting
Kaiser-Permanente of Colorado
Qualitative assessment of factors resulting in heart failure rehospitalization
Behavioral HealthCare, Inc. (BHI)
A needs assessment for persons with behavioral health and weight control issues
High Plains Research Network Community Advisory Council
Translating hypertension research to improve blood pressure control in rural Colorado
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center of Colorado; Jewish Family Service of Colorado; University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work
Building partnerships to translate the naturally occurring retirement community (NORC) model to address health and social service gaps for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) senior population residing in and around Capitol Hill neighborhood, Denver, Colorado
University of New Mexico; El Centro de Desarrolo Humano, Cuernavaca, Mexico; Estara's Integrative Program, Lakewood, Colorado
Developing partnerships to facilitate integration of traditional Curanderismo with primary care
Larimer County Department of Health and Environment
Establishment of a CSU-LCDHE partnership to reduce obesity and diabetes among Hispanic adults
Partnerships for Healthy Communities (P4HC)
A youth-adult taskforce that uniquely addresses barriers to accessing healthy foods
Neighborhood Resource Center of Colorado
Do community socioeconomic status disparities affect the relationship between social capital and health among older adults in metro Denver?
The Listen Foundation; Healthbridge Systems
Telehealth Colorado: Rural & remote access to speech & language therapy for toddlers, preschoolers, and older students with cochlear implants

 2009 CE-Pilot Program Awards

Community Partner
Project Title
collapse Project Type :  ‎(16)
Ina Burmeister, BA, MA, Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services
A Mixed-Methods Community Based Participatory Research Study to Expand Intercultural Understanding of the Long-Term Detrimental Effects of Childhood Obesity
Melissa Carson
Collaborative Development of a Protocol to Assess Health Disparities Among Maltreated Youth with a History of Foster Care Placement
Marybeth Rensberger, RN, Aurora Public School District; Katie Hartenbach, Elkhart Elementary School
Developing a Community-Based Participatory Research Infrastructure to Support the Development of an Interprofessional Student-Run School-Based Health Center
Michael Buchenau, MLA, GGHC; Laura Lavid, GGHC; Joe Brown, Starz Down to Earth Films
Gardens for Growing Healthy Communities (GGHC)
Adam Evans/Mike Johnson - Project PAVE; John Youngquist, Principal East High School
Screening and Treating Youth at Risk for Violence Involvement in the School Setting
Tracey Stewart; George Ware
Using Social Networks and Small Groups to Explore Interpretations of Taking Neighborhood Health to Heart (TNH2H) Data and Collect Outlier Pilot Data
Susan Downs-Karkos - Spring Institute; Barbara Hummel/Matthew Kelly - Refugee Preventive Health Services Program of Colorado; Paul Stein - Colorado Refugee Services Program; Francoise Mbabazi - Colorado Progressive Coalition; Dr. Khalid Mohammed - Colorado African Organization; Dr. Gretchen Heinrichs - Denver Health
What Gets Lost in the Translation? Why Refugees with Abnormal Health Conditions Fail to Seek Follow-up Medical Care
Tracy Williams, TradeWinds Communications, LLC; Dr. Margie Cook, Colorado Council of Black Nurses; Leslie Sterling, LCSW, Mental Health Center of Denver; Sia Chandler-Garcia, Denver Public Schools; Kelly O'Keefe Voorhees, MSPH, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Community/Academic Partnership to Increase Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Graduates in Minority Residents in the Montbello and Green Valley Ranch Community
Fernando Pineda-Reyes
Community-Embedded Navigators and Health Promotores for Disease Prevention and Treatment
Design and Development of a Community Needs Assessment Tool Based on Standardized Measures: Focus on Unmet Needs Related to Maternal Depression
Janelle McCallum, RN, MSM, CHPN, BSN; Susan Lasker-Hertz, RN, MSN, CHPN
Hospice-Academic Partnership to Improve Care for Vulnerable Populations at the End of Life
Identify the Health Care Needs of a Geriatric Hispanic Population Affected by Range of Health Disparities
Margie Cook, PhD, NP, RN, Colorado Council of Black Nurses
Nurturing Our Village Association
Shirley Cowart - Yuma; Maret Felzien - Sterling; Mike Hernandez - Ovid; Emily Mollohan - Sterling; Ned Norman - Sterling; Mary Rodriquez - Fort Morgan; Norah Sanchez - Yuma; Sergio Sanchez - Yuma; Carly Schrade - Sterling; Kathy Winkelman - Limon; Steve Winkleman - Limon
Partnering to Improve Health on the Eastern Plains
Betsy Rogers, LCSW
Providing Evidence-Based Treatments to Enhance the Mental Health of Latino Children and Families
Elaine Belansky, PhD, University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus, Colorado School of Public Health, Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center; Robert Chavez, Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center John Naranjo, San Luis Valley schools; Tony Laker/Margie Miller, Adams State College
The San Luis Valley Physical Education Collaborative

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