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Community Engagement Pilot Program (CE-Pilot_

Joint Pilot Project Award Cycle

Pre-Award Requirements


Both communities and academic researchers are eligible to apply and/or serve as the principal investigator. Applicants are permitted to submit a single application to only one of the pilot grant programs offered through the CCTSI. View a list of the CCTSI Pilot Grants Programs.

Researchers who are housed at or working on behalf of CCTSI Affiliate Organizations (University of Colorado Denver, CU Boulder, University of Colorado Hospital, Denver Health, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Denver Veteran Affairs Medical Center, National Jewish Health, Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Colorado School of Public Health, and Colorado State University) are considered academic researchers.

Academic researchers who are submitting/listed on pilot grant applications must become members of the CCTSI in order to submit the application. Becoming a CCTSI member entitles you to access various CCTSI resources but does not obligate you to participate in any studies or activities. Community applicants also are encouraged to become CCTSI members, but membership is not required prior to submitting applications.

Practice-Based Research Networks (PBRNs) are eligible to apply but must demonstrate significant Community Engagement.


Projects designed to demonstrate that a health disparity exists are not appropriate for this grant program; rather, we are interested in funding projects focused on reducing health disparities or designed to understand how to decrease health disparities.

Projects that do not involve Community Engagement within the affected community and/or patient population throughout the research project will not be considered.

Projects with primary research sites that are outside of the Rocky Mountain Region will not be considered.

Renewals or follow-on funding requests from previously funded Joint Pilot Projects will not be considered. However, revisions of previously unfunded applications from earlier cycles are welcome.

Junior Investigators who have not identified a mentor and included a letter of support in the application will not be considered. Please refer to the Definitions section for details on what is required of the junior investigator, or mentee, and the mentor.

Individuals who plan to serve as the principal investigator or lead applicant on a project submitted to one of the other pilot grant programs offered through the CCTSI are not eligible to apply as the PI or lead applicant for this grant program.

In accordance with the new congressional mandate section 479(b) of the Public Health Service Act (as amended by the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2012, Public Law 112-74), NCATS cannot support CCTSI Pilot Program studies beyond Phase IIA. If you anticipate a Phase IIB or Phase III trial, please contact us for clarification of funding approval PRIOR to submitting the Intent to Apply Form.

Active-Award Requirements

Funded community partners and academic researchers must attend any specified mandatory workshops or trainings as defined by the CCTSI Community Engagement & Research Core, and agree to participate in project-specific Facilitated Coaching Session(s).

Funded community partners and academic researchers must attend a mandatory finance and administration webinar.

All funded grantees are required to submit a six-month progress report and a final progress report at the end of the funded project that evaluates the community-academic partnership, the community engagement process, project implementation, project results, and lessons learned.

Awardees agree by their acceptance of this funding to present their research at the annual Community Engagement Research Exchange and Networking Forum. Awardees also are strongly encouraged to accept invitations to other networking events designed to disseminate project outcomes.

Grantees conducting research involving human subjects must submit their projects to an accredited Institutional Review Board (IRB) and must comply with IRB training requirements. Applicants are strongly encouraged to demonstrate their capacity to submit to IRB as soon as possible upon receipt of the award.

If you intend to use any Clinical and Translational Research Centers (CTRC) resources, your research protocol also will require separate Scientific and Advisory Review Committee (SARC) submission and approval. CTRC resources include: inpatient and outpatient research facilities, clinical research nursing support, nutrition research support, exercise research laboratory, ancillary funds; and CTRC Core lab support. For more information, visit our research resources.

Awardees are expected to publish their findings in scholarly peer-reviewed journals, present their research at professional meetings, and share findings with relevant communities through established communication channels (i.e., newsletters, local news publications, etc.). Investigators are responsible for submitting any peer-reviewed journal articles resulting from research funded by this award to PubMed Central, the NIH digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature.

All publications, grants, and presentations resulting from research funded by the CCTSI or using CCTSI resources should cite the CCTSI as a contributing source of support.

Post-Award Requirements

A report is required one year later after the completion of the grant, detailing progress to date and all submitted publications and grant applications (pending or funded) relating to the pilot project.

The CCTSI, as a component of its ongoing NIH support, is required to submit a detailed annual progress report. All funded pilot projects are a component of that report. In January of each year, PIs will be asked for brief information on publications and follow-on funding resulting from pilot projects. Prompt cooperation in providing the required information is expected.

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