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University of Colorado Denver Student Government Association



 Executive Branch

Scott Cao

Scott Cao is currently a second year UHL student majoring in biology and economics. He grew up in Dallas, Texas where he rooted for his beloved Dallas Cowboys. In his first year in college, Scott Cao was the international student ambassador to the freshmen council of Student Government Association, which led him to running for executive office. He was also a member of the campus Christian Ministry, Pre-Health Living Learning Community, and the university’s first Ultimate Frisbee team.

Apart from work and extracurricular activities, Scott finished his freshmen year with a GPA of 3.96 while taking 32 total credit hours. To start off his second year in college, he will be serving as the student body president at CU Denver and chair of University of Colorado’s Intercampus Student Forum. In early August, he will be a certified EMT working in the emergency room and ambulances.

Fun facts: Toured through Tibet, Loes fishing, loves cooking, loves watching "The Voice"


Jeremy is a fourth year Biology student with an interest in translational research. Apart from school, he enjoys gardening, backpacking, chess, English lit, and spending time with family.

Strengths: Context, Input, Developer, Includer, Positivity

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 Judicial Branch

Brandon Gallardo  

Brandon has attended CU Denver for one year and declared his major for Architecture in the College of Architecture and Planning. He plans to minor in sustainability. During his first year,Brandon enrolled in a first year seminar class and is affiliated with the Student Government Association now. In the 2013-2014 academic school year, he was Freshman Council Chair.He works closely with and alongside several other clubs and organizations affiliated with CU Denver.

His vision for future, current, and alumni of CU Denver is simple; “Inspire all CU Denver students to achieve their passionate ambitions while delivering individual innovation to the community and utilizing every form of creativity to drive the ultimate success of the student body.”He is the 2014-2015 academic year, Chief Justice and with several years of student government experience previous to college alongside his vision for CU Denver students, he is available to help.

Strengths: Strategic, Individualization, Input, Achiever, Ideation.

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Omer Sarwana

Omer Sarwana is a second year student majoring in Information Systems at CU Denver from the Business School. Besides being a part of the Student Government Association, he also is a part of the CU Denver University Honors and Leadership program and a member of the Speech and Debate team at CU Denver.


Michele Stephens  

Michèle Stephens is a returning student seeking literary purpose. The 2014/15a cademic year will be Michèle’s third year studying French as an aspiring advocate for individualism in publishing.

As a transfer student, Michèle has attended all three colleges on Auraria Campus, and this year marks her first year at CU Denver in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Michèle’s unique speciality is in advocacy for written language.

She is pursuing an undergraduate degree in French for the Professions, and will minor in Law Studies.After graduating from CU Denver in 2016, her plan is to further her education in law. Her hope is to practice law in the field of publishing, working to maintain accuracy in literary translations.

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 Web Master

Saranya Gampa 

Saranya Gampa is a Graduate student pursuing Masters of Science in Computer  and Information Sciences  at CU-Denver . Currently working as the Web Master for CU Denver Student Government Association, she is highly passionate to serve the students. Being an active member in organizing events , she likes to meet new people and make new friends. She is excited to be a part of SGA – CU Denver and intends to assist students in the best way possible.

Fun facts:  Loves singing , dancing , Photography , Shopping and travelling.

Involvement:   Spicmacay UC Denver.

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 Office Manager

​Kim Adamache

Kim Adamache graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2012, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts degree from CU Denver. She continues her studies in the Universities Master of Humanities Program in which she is examining how art is used in creating myth, playing a part in the framing of national pride and exceptionalism in the American mind. Adamache is past and present treasurer of the Painting and Drawing Guild, which holds weekly open life drawing sessions to the Auraria community.

Fun Facts: Crazy about hats, bags and rocks.

Involvement:   College of Arts and Media (CAM)

Strengths: Input, Strategic, Learner, Achiever, Responsibility.

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Lubna Mazin

Lubna Mazin is a fourth year student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, majoring in Biologyand minoring in Leadership Studies. She is a member of Future Doctors of Denver, Cultural Health Bridge, and CU Denver Women in STEM. She is also a member of Tri-Beta Honor Society and the founder of the CU Denver Cheer and Dance Team.

Lubna has been on Student Government for the last three years serving in roles such as Freshmen Senator, Vice-chair of Events and Planning, and Vice President. She is currently the Chair of Events and Planning and is very excited to represent the student body for a fourth year. As a past memberof the Peer Advocate Leader Program and the Learning Assistant Program she loves to help people and hopes to get people involved on campus.

Strengths: Woo, Communication, Achiever, Empathy, Futuristic.

Email id:

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Erica Godfrey
Erica Godfrey was born in Olathe, CO and moved to Denver, CO to pursue her dreams of becoming a pharmacist.She will be a member of the Events and Planning team for University of Colorado Denver's Student Government of 2014.

Email id:

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Shubheksha Shreshta

Shubheksha Shrestha is studying Psychology, since Fall of 2012. She was born in Nepal and moved to USA when she was only 10.

Email id:

(Tom) Yinglun Wang

Biography: My name is (Tom) Yinglun Wang, I originally came from China; I am majoring in Communication and Nursing. I was a swimmer at Cherry Creek High School. Some of my hobbies include cooking real Chinese food, swimming, hanging out with friends, and shopping.

Fun facts: I can speak Chinese, English, and French.

Involvement: Educational Opportunity Program: Ambassador and Student Assistant; Summer Bridge Program: Peer Advisor; Lynx Advisory Council; Council of Asian Student Leaders Program; InnovAge Johnson Adult Day Program: Nursing Assistant and Volunteer. 

Email id:

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Hue Phung

Hue Phung started her amazing journey ath the University of Colorado Denver in 2013. This fall, Hue will be a sophomore. Phung is  currently majoring in Biology and minoring in psychology. She is active in the Asian Student Alliance and Vietnamese Student Association. Though new to SGA, Hue is willing to learn as much as possible in order to provide assistance to the school and students.

Email id:

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David Heisler
David Heisler is a sophomore at CU Denver, majoring in Accounting, with emphases in Accounting and Financial Management.  David loves to get involved on campus any way he can, and is currently a member of the Business Student Ambassador Committee, and is also the Treasurer of  the Finance Club. To him, college is all about meeting like-minded people, learning, and developing himself and his peers. In his spare time, David has a few jobs and gets involved in the community; he is an active member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado, and the Romero Theater Troupe. David is affable, talkative, and loves to make people laugh. If you ever see him around campus, feel free to strike up a conversation with him. He would love to get to know you!

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Sinduja Seethapathy 

Sinduja Seethapathy is pursuing a Masters in Electrical Engineering. Seethapathy would like to be as a Senator for the Student Government. Sinduja likes to work with students. Sinduja has always been  a part of the committee to work for students. Seethapathy was the president of their bachelors department.Sinduja loves organizing events and being with diverse people. Sinduja wants people to be aware of things, as there are many people who do not listen to the announcements, being a student themselve, Sinduja know this. Finally Seethapathy wants to help students, do great things for the school, and make it a better place for us students.

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William Card 

William Card is a sophomore at the University of Colorado Denver. He is studying music business with an emphasis in singing and songwriting. He hopes to take his love for story telling, and to allow people to find their own truth. William participates in a wide variety of activities on campus ranging from performing with the singer/songwriter program to participating in club sports with tennis and ultimate frisbee and in the University Honors and Leaders program. William is a Denver Bound Scholar originating from South Dakota and he is very excited to engage within the diverse and exciting population that CU Denver has to offer. His goals are to coordinate events that students will find engaging, thought-provoking and memorable. He very much believes that the key to success is immersing in an engaging environment where students connect with each other to discover their own purpose and potential.

Fun Facts: I love dancing and electronic dance music and I will frequently breakout in dance in public. I also enjoy running, biking, and anything related to the mountains. I don’t do very well in silence, and I love relaxing and talking with people.

Strengths: Learner, Arranger, Input, Individualization, Empathy.

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Trinh Nguyen 

Trinh Nguyen is a Biology major, Psych minor. This is her third year at CU-Denver. In the past, she has worked with CoPIRG with the Americorps Internship Program. CoPIRG focused on environmental issues and bringing awareness by making little changes in the community. In addition, she also worked for the Financial Aid Office. She is extremely passionate about the environment and loves to interact with people in her community. She is a petite person but has a lot of energy. This year she is geared up to bring that energy to SGA.

Strengths: Learner, Restorative, Input, Arranger, Adaptability.

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Lola Johnson-Hagmoc                                  

Lola is a Fourth-year student at University of Colorado Denver majoring in Music with an emphasis in Music Industry Studies. She is currently serving her fourth term in Student Government as a member of the Fiancee and Funding Committee, having previously served on both Legislation and Drafting and Freshman Council. She hopes to assist in the process of maintaining and creating resources on campus that are relevant to students’ needs, and aid in developing a great experience to every student at the University of Colorado Denver.

Strengths: Consistency, Context, Harmony, Analytical, Positivity.

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Renee Davis​

Renee Davis is a Sophomore. She is studying Music with a Performance emphasis. Renee is a Senator in the Student Government Association. Renee is involved in a variety of things on campus like performing with the Ninth Street Singers ensemble and MIX and has participated in the CU  Denver Live committee; she is also consistently involved in community service around Denver. She believes in the power of being positive and hopes to learn how to more effectively utilize the leadership skills she has gained from various leadership experiences in Student Government.  Her goals for are to push for a student government that the student body can trust to voice their opinions and take care of their concerns.

Strengths: Strategic, Arranger, Restorative, Futuristic, Includer. 

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Areli Bonilla                                            

Areli Bonilla is a senior at the University of Colorado Denver. She is majoring in Business Marketingand this year will be her second year with Student Government. She hopes one day to work for a big corporate company and direct their marketing department.Areli has been with CU Denver for three years and has been involved with the Business school, serving the community and currently working at the Financial Aid Department. She is looking forward to bringing unique ideas for the Student Body!

Fun Facts: I really enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places.I’m always searching for my next place to visit! Last summer I went backpacking through Peru and Bolivia and during winter break I went backpacking through Europe. I like to keep busy and I'm really excited to graduate in the Fall!

Strengths: Adaptability, Positivity, Empathy, Includer, Responsibility

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Tiffany Cung                                                

Tiffany Cung is a junior at the University of Colorado Denver, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Demography. She plans to graduate in the spring of 2016, and then continue her education in medicine to pursue a career as a physician. She is interested in emergency medicine or pediatrics.Tiffany enjoys spending her time volunteering. She volunteers at the Children’s Hospital on a regular basis, along with participating in other volunteer opportunities throughout the year such as the Family Wellness Summit, Parade of Lights, and Walk for Sudan.

She looks forward to being involved with Student Government so that she can not only become more involved with the school but also to encourage other students to get involved. Through Student Government, she hopes to enhance her leadership skills and people skills to better herself through the amazing people she meets.

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Pedro Ramos                                           

Pedro is a sophomore here at CU Denver majoring in Psychology  in aspirations of continuing onto Nursing school in the future. Native to California he has been raised in colorful  Colorado for 95% of his life so he knows the ins and outs of living here in Denver.Ramos is actively involved in Asian Student Alliance and is looking to joining more clubs in the future! He is very excited to work with everyone to make the school year one of the best ones yet as wells.

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Bryson Cayaban   

Bryson is a Sophomore at the University of Colorado Denver, is majoring in Political Science. He hopes to attend law school and become a successful political leader for the community. Coming from a small town in Kauai, Hawaii, he is a long way from home. He enjoys playing soccer, running, and adventuring.  Having involvement in his high school student council and Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps  (JROTC) in the past, he looks forward to his future with Student Government. This year, Bryson plans to extend his knowledge of CU Denver, to encourage everyone to get involved, and continuing his ultimate goal, to make a difference through the spirit of Aloha.

Fun Facts: My favorite Hawaii food is “a poke bowl.” I have never seen snow until I moved to CU Denver and my new favorite hobby is snowboarding and skiing.

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Rajiv Thapa                                       

Rajiv (RAJ) Thapa, knows that he is special and there's no one else out there that's like him... so enjoy!Raj was born in Kathmandu, Nepal August 17, 1993. He had a very simple and happy childhood, and  has only one sibling, his younger brother,  who appeared  six years after his own birth. Raj is extroverted and  perfectly happy watching quality movies, using a personal computer, play FIFA or hanging out at Sigis during his spare time.Becoming a student senator has become his plan, especially enjoying working with students who need. He is excited to become a student senator for a second year as he loved his time here last year.Finally, Raj would love to travel to amazing places, continue to meet wonderful people, finish hiseducation,  go into law enforcement and eventually meet the young woman that has two things hat he wants in a women: classy and fabulous.

Strengths: Analytical, Consistency, Empathy, Relator, Focus.

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