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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver



Let's hear what people think of the PAL program!

Faculty Testimonials

Having a PAL Mentor in the classroom offered  something very different for the students that I could not as the instructor. I highly recommend working with one.

   Angie Buckley


My peer mentor is Kelsey Brown. It is wonderful to have her in the classroom. She engages fully with the students and seems quite sensitive to their needs. The students seem to enjoy her presence and her company. She is very aware of the many activities on campus and almost always starts our day with announcements regarding these events.

At her request, Kelsey works with me to plan and fine-tune class projects and activities. Her contributions to these discussions are thoughtful, insightful, creative and practical.

Kelsey attends almost every class session (her choice –not a requirement) and I value her presence tremendously. I am indeed fortunate to be working with her and I thank you for the opportunity. 

   Thanks much,
   Carol Bloom


Peer Mentor Testimonials

Being a part of the Peer Advocate Leadership program really helped me grow in confidence.  As a mentor, I make announcements in front of my class twice a week, and the experience has helped me become a more confident speaker.  Also, in getting to know all of my students, I have become more outgoing and have gotten to know great people to whom I would not have instinctively spoken.  I have also gained experience in planning and coordinating group events; it's a lot of work, but really fun!  Not only have I gained these skills, but I've gained life-long friends.  All of the people I work with, our coordinator, the fellow mentors, my professor, and my students have been wonderful.  I have made a number of friends through the program that I know I will keep in contact with after the semester is over.  It's been a great experience, and I only wish the school had had the program when I was a freshman. Having a student mentor would have helped a lot!

   Kelsey Brown


Being a Peer Mentor has been a big challenge but it has taught me so much about myself and my leadership skills. When I walked into my class the 1st day, I was timid and self conscious. I made my initial speech welcoming them to UCD and introducing myself but I did it with a shake in my voice. This semester, the students have used me as a resource for many things including school, transitions and activities. Through their questions I have become not only a better Peer Mentor, but a better person. The power of helping someone find their way has been an incredible experience. They have taught me how to have confidence and how to lead graciously. I have learned as much about myself as I have hopefully taught them and I am so glad I have had this opportunity to learn and grow with these incredible students!

   Chelsea Smith


Working as a mentor was a fun and interesting experience. Meeting the other mentors was a great way to make friends and learn about other events on campus. Since the mentors were all from a range of different backgrounds and were involved in different student activities, I really expanded my knowledge of the campus through sports, cultural activities, and events that helped me meet more people on campus. Working with the freshmen was also a great experience. I met a lot of interesting people and learned more about their interests. It was very rewarding to help these freshmen feel more comfortable at school. I really felt like the students came to me for help about the campus more than the instructor. That was a great feeling, because it was good to know they felt comfortable enough to talk to me. My relationship with my students was the perfect balance of a mentor and a friend. I also had a lot of fun with them at events and during class. I hope I made their first semester more enjoyable and look forward to helping them throughout their next four years in college.

   Alexis Ulrich


This year I am a part of the PAL Student Life program. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences as a college student. Not only have I helped the FYS students, but they have also helped me. I have learned a lot about the university in order to better serve them, and have benefited from it as well. I now know many resources that serve students, and can also help many other students on campus. I have personally taken students to the resource offices, and these students have expressed that they would have never gone on their own. As part of the PAL program I have also been able to share my college experience with the students, and by doing so hopefully teaching students that while you fall from time to time, it is possible to come back up from it. I believe this is a beneficial program to all of the students, and for the first year students as well as the Peer Advocate Leaders.

   Beatriz Salazar


Being a peer mentor has been a great experience I had the opportunity to meet some great people that helped me develop leadership skills that will help me all over my career. I was able to stand up with my students and help them every time they needed it. Being a freshman is not easy, it’s a big change, but I was happy to be part of this experience and hope that this class and program helped them in the transition from high school to college.

   Miguel Tanous



Over the past five months I have had the great pleasure of serving as a Peer Advocate Leader for Dr. John Lanning’s (Director of the First Year Experience) First Year Seminar Class. During the time I spent with the 20-plus students in this class I have had the opportunity to serve my university and fellow students in a manner that, I believe, has positively impacted their experience at UC Denver. I know that I have helped these individuals become more mature adults and better students simply because they had a fellow to student to learn from and ask questions of. Not only has the PAL program allowed me to help others but it has also given me a wonderful leadership opportunity that outside of being Student Body President of the UCDSGA is unmatched during my five years at UC Denver. I strongly urge the SFRC to continue to fund and enhance this invaluable program.

   Jack Knoll