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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver

Meet The PAL Mentors



Major:  Public Health 

Campus Involvement:  Aurora Lights Pre-Med Program,   volunteer with Student Life (Alternative Winter Break), UROP Grant winner, studied abroad in South Korea!

 Words of WisdomTry to meet one new person every day you’re on campus;  remember their name!



Major:  Public Health. Hope to get a master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies

Campus Involvement:  I currently, have two jobs here on campus. I work at the Health Center of Auraria, and I am also a Peer Advocate Leader.

Words of Wisdom:  I keep up with everything by using time management skills and by studying in short but frequent sessions.  I encourage students to get involved on campus to improve their college experience.




Major:  Biology  Minor: Psychology, Ethnic Studies

Campus Involvement:  CU Denver Student Association, South Asian Student Association (Senator), Indian Student Association (President), Tri-Beta (President), Auraria Tri-Institutional Library Committee (Historian), CLAS Dean’s Advisory Group

Words of Wisdom:  Get involved on campus! The more involved you get on campus, the more resources you will stumble upon which will help you in your journey through college.   


Major:  Communication, Public Relations

Hobbies:  Adobe Photoshop, crafts, and PINTEREST! 

Campus Involvement: PAL, EOP

Words of Wisdom:  Be free and explore the world around you!




Major:  Biology

Campus Involvement:  PAL (of course!)

Words of Wisdom:  Don’t forget that college isn’t just school. It’s also a place to make friends that you will keep and remember for the rest of your life. Have fun and don’t be afraid to go exploring around on campus. If you do this you will find so many different people and places that can help make your college experience a great one!



Minor: Psychology, Ethnic Studies

Campus Involvement:  CU Denver Honors and Leadership Program (honors student), Psi Chi, research assistant at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado. I love helping others, which is why I’m so excited to be a part of the PAL program!

Words of Wisdom:  Manage your time wisely, study consistently and efficiently, ask questions and get help early, and consult your wonderful PAL if you ever need help. If we can’t help you, I’m sure we know of somebody who can! Enjoy this new chapter of your life!


Major:  Accounting, Finance Minor: Economics

Campus Involvement:  Finance/Fundraising Chair, Business Student Ambassador (Mentor), Peer Advocate Leader, Alternative Winter Break Program

Words of Wisdom:  College is about learning, experiencing, and achieving. With all of that, don’t forget to also unwind and have fun. By managing your time wisely, you can and will be a well-rounded individual with your own achievements and story. YOU CAN DO IT!



Major:  Biology, Psychology

Campus Involvement: PAL

Words of Wisdom:  Don’t be afraid of college. Everyone tries to tell you how hard it is, and it is, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it. Don’t be afraid to step out of your shell and meet new people, but don’t forget to also save time for your studying because you’ll regret it later if you don’t.


Major: Communication   Minor:  Ethnic Studies

Campus Involvement:  Hispanic Scholarship Fund Chapter (CU Denver

Coordinator) PAL, Ethnic Studies Student Organization (Vice President), Native American Student Association (Secretary), Colorado I Have A Dream Foundation (Mentor), Lambda Pi Eta Communications Honor Society 

Words of Wisdom:  You have the power to initiate personal growth and also to help others grow. Exercise this power daily and the rewards will come back to you a thousand fold. But, always remember to have fun along the way!



Major:  Biology, Pre-MedHalimah.JPG

Activities: I volunteer at two different hospitals. At one hospital, I am an Intensive Care Unit Volunteer and in the other, I volunteer in the Family Resource Center.

Campus Involvement: PAL

Words of Wisdom: Talk to your professors and start to form connections with them early on in your academic career. Don’t be intimidated by them! Most of them want their students to do well.




Major:  Psychology Minor: English Literature

Campus Involvement: I am a member of the UCD Psi Chi chapter (the Psychology honors society) and I am a research assistant for a DU graduate student, which includes involvement in the LGBT community of Denver. I am also a member of The Collective for Social Change, an active student club on the Auraria campus.

Words of Wisdom:  Take time for yourself! An education is extremely valuable and should be taken seriously, but don’t let your studies overwhelm you. When you feel stressed out, make sure you’re spending time with the new people you’ve met and do the things that you enjoy most. Take deep breaths!



Major:  Political Science, History

Minor: Psychology, Ethnic Studies

Campus Involvement:  Political Science Club and the Collective for Social Change

Words of Wisdom:  Get a healthy dose of news and voluntary reading. Indeed, students (and citizens, for that matter) must attempt to understand the world around them.



Major:  Biological Sciences
Minor: Chemistry and Sociology

Campus Involvement: Member of Future Doctors of Denver (FDrD), Member of Minority Association of Pre-Health Professional Students (MAPS), Peer Advocate Leader (PAL), Chemistry research student for Dr. Karen Knaus

Community Involvement: Volunteer at University of Colorado Hospital


Words of Wisdom: Breathe. Everything is going to be okay. Learn to manage your time – use a planner, it does wonders! Form study groups – don’t be afraid to reach out to other students, they’re nervous too. Talk to your professors, I know the thought itself sounds intimidating, but just remember, they’re there to help you succeed. And most importantly, remember to spend some time on yourself. College is stressful, so make sure to make time for yourself to unwind, if not, you’re going to drive yourself nuts! Overall, this is your time to shine, so make the best of it, and try to enjoy the journey along the way!


Major:  Public Health

Campus Involvement:  Public Health Club, Experiential Learning Center, Denver Bound, Peer Advocate Leader, Stop & Serve, Alternative Break.

Words of Wisdom:  You see a goal in the distance, reach for that goal no matter what. Just take one step at a time, and you will accomplish anything. 




Major:  Geography (Urban Studies emphasis)

Minor: Geographic Information Systems, Philosophy, English

Campus Involvement: CU Denver Live (Chair)

Words of Wisdom: 1) Go to class! 2) Ask for help when you need it. 3) Manage your time! It will be a lifesaver. 4) Always look for ways to save money [like buying used textbooks] 5) Get involved on campus! There are over 200 organizations at CU Denver that you can be a part of!


    Major:  Music Business

Campus InvolvementCU Denver Painters and  Drawers Guild, PAL


Words of WisdomWhatever it is you wish to achieve, do whatever it takes to do it…reach for the stars!




    Major:  Biology
    Minor: Chemistry and Leadership Studies

Campus InvolvementUniversity Honors and Leadership Studies, Learning Assistant   Program, Cheer and Dance Team (President), PAL, Student Government Association (Vice President)


Words of WisdomPut yourselves out there, participate in anything and everything that comes your way. I will be honest; it is really easy to go through this university just attending your classes, but what’s the fun in that?! You are in college now; make it worth your while. By getting involved you will make lifelong friends, experience this you have never done, and most importantly you will learn things about yourself that you didn’t know before. But don’t forget to put your academics first, go to class and finish your homework before you go out and socialize.



    Major:  Elementary Education with a possible emphasis on Communication

Campus InvolvementThroughout the week, I am a Peer Advocate Leader, acting president of the TriO Club, and also a member of the TriO front desk staff as a Student Assistant III. Whenever time permits, I also join in on the Quidditch Club games.


Words of WisdomUntil Just recently, I was also a Work Study student for the Office of the Registrar. From my time as a Work Study Student there, I’ve learned that the Registrar’s Office should be on speed dial. They can really help you in a bind. The staff members at the Registrar’s office are so friendly and willing to assist where they can. As a student there, they can help you create an account on their Transcript Processing Service so you can collect and send a plethora of transcripts without leaving the house. Have a problem with registration for classes? No problem! Need to change your name? They have the people. Even if you don’t know what it is that’s going wrong, they can send you to the right people!



    Major:  Psychology

 Campus Involvement: Taekwondo outside of class

     Campus Involvement: PAL

 Words of WisdomDon’t be afraid to ask questions. Starting college can be very confusing and sometimes even simple things can become a lot more difficult. By asking questions you will save yourself time and frustration.



    Major:  International Studies, Ethnic Studies


Campus InvolvementCU Denver Student Government (Legislative Senator), PAL Mentor


Words of WisdomDon't forget that learning happens outside the classroom, so step out of your comfort zone and get involved on campus.


Lorren Yniguez

    Major:  Biology 
    Minor: Chemistry

Campus involvement: PAL, Student assistant for club sports, research in the chemistry department, started the volleyball team in 2012, tri-beta biological honors society, participated in student government.


Words of wisdom: College goes by faster than you think, so take time to enjoy the little things. Make as many new friends and meet as many new people as you can, because networking is important and it will help you find a job. Take some time to volunteer and give back to the community. "If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough!" -Ellen Sirleaf


Peer Advocate Leader Program, University of Colorado Denver

Phone: 303-352-3602 • Fax: 303-556-3695

Street Address: 900 Auraria Parkway, Suite 303 • Mailing Address: Campus Box 83, P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217-3364


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