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Meet the Mentors

Alexandria Heese

"PAL has helped shaped my academic and professional career by refining my self-discipline, communication skills and organization. It's been quite the journey since my first semester as a freshman (now a junior) and I am so thankful that PAL has been able to help sharpen me as a person."

Ashley Garcia

" I became a PAL because I wanted to help connect students to campus and ease the problems that may arise during the adjustment of high school to college. I found more, when I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, learned organization and time management skills, bonded with some of my FYS students, and created friendships with the other PALs."

Austin Chavez

"If you're going to survive this crazy campus, there are two things you need to know: where coffee can be bought and where there is peace and quiet to study."

Brittany Lee

"I became a PAL to step out of my comfort zone and become more involved on campus! Through PAL, I've met many great people, mentored incoming freshman students transition into college and developed many professional and leadership skills!"

Caesare Tamag

"Without PAL, I would not be the student I am today. PAL provided me job security and time management skills that helped me to grow and learn as a student."

Carla Rivera Matos

"I chose to be a PAL because it was the perfect job to prepare me for my future career as a teacher. Really, PAL effectively equips everyone with the interpersonal skills that are useful as students for college and professional careers."

Catharine Saucedo-Zavala

"I became a pal because I wanted to be able to help other college freshmen transition into college since I struggled a lot my freshman year. I wanted to be able to help them to be successful and strive to do better."

Daisy Dorado

"Being a Peer Advocate Leader has been the most impactful aspect of my college career as it has led me to be more connected to the community here at CU Denver. I love working with the First Year Experience office to help First Year students find the resources on campus they need to succeed and find their sense of belonging at CU."

Damarcus McGill

"I became a PAL in order to assist students with a difficult transition they face in their lives. From personal experience, I believe that mentoring and a focus on college success skills can ease the transition of becoming a college student."

Diane Lee

"PALs are supportive, so funny, understanding, and so much more! I love being a PAL because I get to work with amazing people; my peers, my FYE students, professors, coordinators, and everyone involved are so amazing. Being involved with PALs has made waves in my life."

Elwand Kamal

"What I love about the PAL program is the immensely great support system that the PALs and the professional staff provides us. Being able to develop my professional leadership skills with these wonderful people has provided me with the support to grow and be the best version of myself."

Emilie Ross

"One thing that helps me through rough weeks is keeping a planner where I can draw, write, or stick on things that will inspire me!"

Gloria Avalos

"Being a PAL has greatly enhanced my college experience. The PAL program has provided me with great professional skills, a space for personal development and the opportunity to expand my professional network. I highly recommend students to join this excellent program and the highly qualified group of PALs!"

Jacqueline Ortiz

"The aspect I like the most of PAL is how friendly and welcoming everyone that is apart of PAL team is. Everyone is nice and willing to help each other out. There's so many great people that make up PAL, and I'm so happy to be a part of it."

Jamie Lynn Stedman

"My biggest bit of advice for students' survival on campus is to make friends! As a super shy person, I understand that it's hard to start but it will make your classes and school life much more enriching."

Jennifer Samudio

"When I started at CU, I had moved from Texas without knowing anyone. Now, I have amazing friends, students, and memories. My best advice for students on campus is to take risks, you never know what amazing experiences you'll have when you do!"

Juliann Richardson

"PAL has allowed me to find a sense of community at CU Denver. Not only do I get to befriend other PALs, but I also get to interact with the diverse range of students and staff found on our wonderful campus."

Katie Logar

"I love the PAL Program because it is a family comprised of genuinely caring people who honestly want to help others succeed. PALs have the purest and kindest hearts which makes me so thankful to be a part of this unique community."

Kenny Ho

"I became a PAL because I wanted to find some way in getting involved with school and had done mentoring work in the past. Working with younger students was something I enjoyed doing before, so when I saw the job description for PAL I thought it would be a great fit for me and a great way for me to get involved in school."

Mariah Johnson

"Communicate with those in your support system. Your professors, peers, and PALs want to see you succeed; talk to them about your goals, your questions, and your struggles."

Nishant Kumar

"PAL Program is a great platform to grow as an individual and help other students to do the same. The feeling for being there for students and support them is what made me become a PAL."

Stephanie Sandoval

"I love that the PAL program focuses on support; it provides a support system not only for our fellow first years, but for anyone on campus including PALS themselves. Anyone can go through college without this, but it's nice to know someone always has your back."

Tina Truong

"My favorite aspect of the PAL program is the compassionate quality of each member of the PAL team. Everyone is so caring and supportive with one another as well as to everyone!"

Yasmeen Ashour

"I became a PAL, after seeing how much the PAL I had for my first year experience course helped me, and I hope to bring incoming students the same comfort and support my PAL gave me."

Yovana Perez Ramirez

"I became a PAL to support students that might be first generation like me. I love working with students and talking to them about their academic success. Being a PAL allowed me to meet new students, and to be more involved around my campus. As a PAL I have grown so much in many aspects such as professional development and interpersonal skills. I have gone out of my comfort zone to help others, which I wouldn’t have done if I wasn’t a PAL. As both a college student and a PAL the most important thing that I have learned is to be yourself and don’t be afraid to try new things!"

Yuki Wu

"Life is short; follow your dreams and be happy. The college life flies by really fast, and in the blink of an eye it will be over before you know it. So as soon as you can, ponder what you really want for your future and go out, explore, and achieve it."