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Leadership Programs

Leadership Programs facilitate student leadership development and student services directed towards the growth of the student as a whole person. Leadership programs help to build essential leadership skills while building bonds between students.

We coordinate programs and services to enhance student development and encourage students to lead an active campus life by providing opportunities for co-curricular involvement. The staff accomplishes these goals through its work with student organizations, campus programs, leadership development, and the annual women’s leadership conference, annual diversity conference, the Latino/a leadership summit and the black student conference.



Join us on January 17, 2019 for Camp Lynx!  This program is designed for new and prospective student leaders, and is designed to help connect participatns to important campus resources, staff, faculty, and peers.  The program also serves as an excellent preparation tool for those planning to seek or apply to a student leadership position in the spring semester.  

Join us for Meal Prep Sept. 11th or 13th

We invite our student employees to see their roles as student leaders, and to think critically about existing skills/talents they bring to the table. We also invite students to identify specific skills they’d like to grow and develop through their employment position. This year, you’ll have an opportunity to talk with your direct supervisor about such skills. You’ll also have a chance to attend various professional development workshops to support your continued development of professional capital. Specifically, you’ll have a chance to explore skills related to: Professionalism and communication, Self-awareness and self-efficacy, diversity and social justice, and interpersonal development.
STUDENT LEADER LEARNING OUTCOMES Through employment, students will be able to explore the following within each of the aforementioned professional development domains:
Professionalism and Communication:
  • Develop professional written communication skills
  • Develop professional verbal communication skills
  • Develop professional behaviors and non-verbal communication
  • Develop professional organizational skills
Self-Awareness and Self-Efficacy:
  • Identify and develop areas of strength, and areas of growth
  • Identify connections between work, school, and career goals
  • Develop connections between efforts and outcomes (self-efficacy)
Diversity and Social Justice:
  • Develop a knowledge base around the relevance of diversity and inclusion to student employment and career goals
  • Develop an understanding of how diversity and social justice concepts are relevant to future career goals
Interpersonal Development: Develop a sense of community
  • Develop the skills to master conflict management
  • Develop skills to engage in group/teamwork
  • Develop strong networking skills
NEW! Balance and Wellness:
  • Identify a balanced schedule that integrates self-care
  • Develop tools that support physical, mental, and emotional wellness
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For those interested in donating to the student leadership fund throughout the year please click on this link:​​