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Benefits of Engaging in Our Community

  • Meet the unmet needs of one’s own community.
  • Students bridge the knowledge they receive in classrooms with hands-on everyday experiences within the community.
  • Students have a meaningful and enjoyable experience while meeting and networking with others who share the same values.
  • Gain experience with relevant social issues impacting their community.
  • Engage in leadership development.
  • Explore and get exposure to possible future careers and like-minded professional organizations.
  • Witness firsthand the positive impact they have on their community.
  • Enhance your overall education and experience. Remember, potential employers are looking for the well-rounded individual who can make a positive impact in a variety of different settings

#LynxEngage | Programs & Events

Lynx Alternative Breaks | #LynxAB exposes students to complex social, cultural, and environmental issues through direct service, experiential learning, group discussion, and personal reflection. The vision is to transform studnets into advocates of sustainable social change on issues affecting our communities. Lynx AB trips are led by students and much of the expenses are covered

Community Engagement Events | Through the Office of Student Life, we offer a variety of programs that get students involved in communities to explore social, cultural, and environmental issues while also learning about themselves and their role in a global community. The include Stop & Serve, Volunteer Fairs, Make a Difference Day, Lynx Day of Service, and Lynx to the Community.

CU Denver Dance Marathon | Dance Marathon is a student run organization with a vision of bringing tradition and community building to Auraria campus through creating a lasting relationship with Children's Hospital Colorado through charitable fundraising.