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University of Colorado Denver

The Office of Student Health

Prescription Drug Plan (All info on this page is for the current 13-14 plan year)

Anschutz Medical Campus Student Health

 Express Scripts

Benefits are provided through Express Scripts, a point-of-service provider. Please call 800-206-4005 for questions regarding benefits or network participating pharmacies or visit online at  
Preferred Drug List
  • All information on this page is for the current plan year with coverage until 8/31/14 for current students on the plan.  This site will be updated with the information for the 14-15 plan year once it is available.

Submitting a Claim

Within the first six weeks of enrollment

If a new Insured Person incurs Rx claims within the first six weeks of enrollment, the Covered Person must pay for the Rx and submit a claim to Express Scripts after the sixth week.
There are several options for members to fill their first fills at the mail order pharmacy:

After six weeks*

After six weeks, the Covered Person may go to any network pharmacy and present their insurance card. The co-payment is $15 for generic drugs, $40 for brand name drugs, or $60 for non-formulary drugs, for eligible prescription drugs up to a 30 day supply per prescription or refill.
  • When a generic drug is available and you choose to purchase a brand name drug, even when the doctor writes “dispense as written” or “may not substitute,” you must pay the cost difference between the brand name prescription and the generic prescription, in addition to your co-insurance.
  • If you do not use a participating pharmacy, you are responsible for the full cost of the prescription. For information about participating pharmacies or to obtain other information, please call Express Scripts at 800-206-4005.
*Once you have received an insurance/prescription card this means you are in the system and can just present your card at the pharmacy and no longer have to submit a claim form to Express Scripts.

Office of Student Health

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