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The Office of Student Assistance

Office of Campus Student Services

New Student Packet

Congratulations on your acceptance into your program at the Anschutz Medical Campus.  You've worked hard, and we welcome  you to campus!  Here are a few documents to get you started!

  1. Student Life Handbook - there is lots of good information here - load links into your PDA or other electronic media so you always have the info you want at your fingertips! 
  2. Anschutz Campus Family Handbook - a lot of information looks the same as what we give you, but it's written for your family to look over as well!   After all, they're in this just as much as you are! Check out the University Parent site as well for more information. 
  3. 2014 RTD Waiver Request Form - only a few students will qualify to waive the RTD College Pass and the accompanying fee - here's the form that you'll turn in to the Student Assistance Office (watch those deadlines!)
  4. Community Worship Book - the book lists many com​munity worship places of all denominations to help you find your place of worship in the area.
  5. Orientation Page - what do you need to do before you arrive at the Anschutz Medical Campus?  This page gives you a short version of what you need to do with various offices that offer 'central' services to students. 

Feel free to contact the Office of Campus Student Services as you make your way toward matriculation and orientation.  Browse through our website, and check out all the information to ready you for your academic career here at Anschutz Campus! 

Again, welcome! 

Cheryl A. Gibson, Director    

Lia Nelson-James, Coordinator of Student Assistance Programs

Dora Safoh, Administrative Assistant



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