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Frequently Asked Questions

 If I am over 21, do I need to have a guarantor?

Yes. All leases are required to have a guarantor. If an approved guarantor cannot be obtained, EdR Management, Inc. will accept a security deposit of one (1) month's rent.​3

 When do I put down a deposit?

We do not have a deposit, but when you turn in your application we require that you provide us with the application fee $25 (non-refundable), community activities fee $25 (non-refundable) and a service fee of $150 (non-refundable) at that time.​17

 Do I have to have a meal plan?

Dining plans are only required for CU Denver Freshman. All CU Denver Freshman will be required to choose either the Broncos Plan or the Nuggets Plan. All other residents have the option to choose any plan or opt out of the meal plans. The weekly allotted all you care to eat meals must be used within the week or they will be forfeited. Although non-refundable and non-transferable, unused flex spending balances can be carried over from month to month through the term of the lease. Any unused credit balance at the end of the lease term will be forfeited.​18

 Is parking available?

We have a parking lot on site plus additional spaces available in an overflow lot. Parking is $80 per month, which is a great deal on campus. Most Auraria students pay $100-$150 now for parking that's not available 24/7.​4

 Can I use my financial aid?

You should review any documentation concerning grants, loans or scholarships with your parents and the financial aid office. Most loans that would cover on-campus housing should cover Campus Village at Auraria Student Apartments. It is ultimately up to you to do the research.​5

 I still haven't decided where I'm going to attend school. If I sign a contract now and then decide to go to a different school, can I get out of it?

Signing up to live at Campus Village is different from signing up for a dorm on another campus, because here you're actually signing a lease. Once you sign a lease, it is a legal and binding contract. If you sign a lease and need to request termination of the lease obligation, please see our lease buyout policy and submit the request to modify/terminate lease obligation form.​6

 Will Campus Village check my enrollment status at Auraria Campus?

​Yes, Campus Village will check the enrollment status of all students wishing to renew and sign a new lease agreement.​7

 Can anyone live at Campus Village?

Any student, staff or faculty member from any of the three schools-CU Denver, MSU Denver or CCD - may live at Campus Village. In order to live at Campus Village, you must be affiliated with the Auraria Campus as Campus Village is not open to the public. ​8

 What kind of food will be served in the cafe?

See our dining partner's website at:​9

 What size are the beds? Can additional furniture be brought into the apartment?

The beds are extra-long twin size in the 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Double Occupancy apartments/suites. All other apartments/suites have an 80 inch full/double sized bed. Additional furniture can be brought in. The furniture included in the apartment must stay in the apartment as we have no place to store excess furniture.​10

 What do I need to hook up my computer to the internet?

Internet is provided as an amenity. We have wireless internet throughout the building as well as the ability to hook up through an ethernet cable. We do not allow outside routers.​11

 Can I request an apartment or roommates?

Yes, but a request does not guarantee a roommate or an apartment. We used an app on Facebook called RoomSync which allows students to self-select their own roommates. We put the power of choosing roommates in the hands of those who value it most.  By applying and signing a lease agreement early, your chances are improved to receive the room choice you desire.​12

 Do you have any rules about smoking?

​Campus Village is a non-smoking facility, including the courtyards. You can smoke on the perimeter of the building but it's not permitted within the gated facility. If caught smoking it is a $150 fine, doubling in price each time thereafter.​13

 Is alcohol allowed on the property?

If you're 21 or older, you may consume alcohol in your apartment but not in common areas. No one under 21 may consume alcohol on the premises. We expect all residents to obey the law and, if there are violations, leases may be terminated and the violations may be reported to the university or college.​14

 How are roommates matched?

We have partnered with RoomSync to provide a modern matching platform where residents choose their own roommates. After you complete the leasing process you will be emailed a link to join our RoomSync network. You will then log in to RoomSync using Facebook, create a matching profile, and begin your search to find your new best friend - or roommate for starters. If you already have a roommate in mind, you can confirm your roommate request within RoomSync.​15

 How are rooms assigned?

Residents who already have preferred roommates can confirm their roommate match requests using RoomSync, our roommate matching platform. If they do not already have a roommate, residents will search for and choose their own roommate using RoomSync. Residents will be able to communicate with each other during and after the selection process. In the event that potential roommates discover that they are no longer compatible, they can request a different roommate and we will do our best to accommodate any change request. To provide sufficient time and the greatest opportunity for residents to find the perfect roommate, they should apply and sign a lease as early as possible.​16