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TRiO Student Support Serivces

Additional resources and student services....

Career Center

The Career Center offers a full array of services to assist and guide students with understanding and leveraging their skills, personality, values, and interests as they choose a major and determine a career direction.  Services include help on choosing a major, job search assistance, building your resume and cover letters, learning about networking, and preparing for an interview. The Career Center is located in the Tivoli Student Union, Suite #267. The telephone number is (303) 315-7315.

Student and Coummunity Counseling Center

The Student and Community Counseling Center provides mental health counseling services to CU Denver students well as the Denver Metro community. The center provides counseling sessions and workshops to CU Denver students at no cost as part of student fees. Services focus on helping clients learn, recognize, and use their strengths and skills to solve problems. The Counseling Center is located in the Tivoli Student Union,  Suite #454 (4th floor). The telephone number is (303) 315-7270.

Disability Resources and Services (DRS)

The Office of Disability Resources and Services is dedicated to the full participation of students with disabilities in the academic environment. DRS will provide assistance to qualified students with disabilities and coordinate reasonable accommodations in order to provide students equal access to the institution’s programs, activities, and services. Accommodations may include assistance in identifying note takers, alternative testing (additional time, private room, scribe, and reader), textbooks in alternate format (braille, enlarged, audiotape, scanned/electronic), interpreters, and assistive technology (portable devices including reading pens, and talking calculators). DRS is located in Student Commons Building, Suite #2116. The telephone number is (303) 315-3510.

Center for Identity and Inclusion (CII)

The Center for Identity and Inclusion consists of the American Indian Student Services, Asian American Student Services, Black Student Services, and Latinx Student Services.  CII was designed to provide support to students of color and underrepresented student populations. However, they welcome all students, and support them throughout their educational journey. Students can receive peer mentorship, advocacy, tutoring, and attend cultural events and activities to enhance students cross-culture understanding. CII is located in Student Commons Building, Suite 2007. The telephone number is (303) 315-1880.

Experiential Learning Center (LRC)

The Experiential Learning Center is committed to working closely with students, faculty, employers and community partners to provide quality experiential learning opportunities that enhance academic learning, integrate theory and practice, and promote professional development and active citizenship. The ELC offers resources for internships, undergraduate research, and professional development experiences. The center is located in the Tivoli Student Union, Suite #260. The telephone number is (303) 315-7258.

LGBTQ Student Resource Center

The LGBTQ Student Resource Center strives to improve the campus climate for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning students by fostering acceptance and understanding. They also educate the campus community about issues related to this population and develop programming which unites diverse communities of people. Additionally, they provide support services and growth opportunities for students to realize their potential. The center is located in the Tivoli Student Union, Suite #213. The telephone is (303) 556-6333.

Learning Resources Center (LRC)

The Learning Resources Center is designed to promote student success, retention, and graduation in the academic setting. Services are available to all University of Colorado Denver undergraduate and graduate students. Services include scheduled tutoring, open-lab tutoring, supplemental instruction, academic development workshops and English language services. The LRC is located in Student Commons Building, Suite #2105. The telephone number is (303) 315-3531.

Math Education Resource Center (MERC)

The MERC Lab is a resource center for all students who are enrolled in a math course at CU Denver (regardless of the course level). Some of the services offered in the MERC Lab include, prerequisite testing, tutoring offered daily, access to math software including R and MatLab, PC technology and graphing calculator support, and a computer instructional lab. The MERC Lab is located in North Classroom, Room #4015. The telephone number is (303) 556-8532.

Ombudsman Office

The Ombuds office assists students in resolving conflicts, complaints, and disputes. Students typically use this office when facing issues that seem unfair to them or when they just do not know what to do next. A sampling of concerns includes the actions of faculty, staff, or other students, denials of petitions, harassment of any kind, administrative decisions, and grading disputes. The office is located in Lawrence Street Center, Suite #1003. The telephone number is (303) 315-0046.

Phoenix Center of Auraria (PCA)

The Phoenix Center at Auraria serves students, staff and faculty at CU Denver, CCD, and MSU Denver. The PCA provides free and confidential resources and assistance to survivors of interpersonal violence (relationship violence, sexual assault, and stalking), as well as their friends and families. The PCA support services include academic advocacy, assistance reporting to the school and/or police, safety planning, court accompaniment, emotional support, and more. The PCA also provides campus education and training, awareness raising events and campus policy guidance. PCA is located in the Tivoli Student Union, Suite #259. The telephone number is (303) 315-7250. The 24/7 helpline number is (303) 556-CALL (2255).

Financial Aid and Scholarship Office (FASO)

The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is dedicated to helping students achieve their educational goals. They are responsible for administering federal, state, and institutional aid, such as grants, student loans, work-study as well as scholarships. FASO is located in the Student Commons Building Suite #5105. The telephone number is (303) 315-1850 for scholarship and financial aid questions.

Global Education/Study Abroad Office

Are you a CU Denver student interested in studying outside the United States?  The Study Abroad Office offers many opportunities to pursue your  educational and career goals and to internationalize your education. Prepare yourself for today’s rapidly changing world—access programs ranging from architecture to global health. The office is located at 1380 Lawrence Street, 9th Floor. The telephone number is (303) 315-2001.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a free service for students who wish to improve as writers. Students can meet with a Professional Writing Consultant in-office or by the synchronous on-line session to discuss ideas, organization, thesis development, incorporation of sources, and grammar—pretty much any aspect of writing. Appointments can be scheduled through the on-line portal. The center is located in the North Classroom, Suite #4014. The telephone number is (303) 315-7355

Women and Gender Center (WGC)

The Women and Gender Center at the University of Colorado Denver strives to collaborate and build relationships with campus partners to specifically address topics related to women’s and gender issues on campus. To do this, we create safe space in our office as well as across campus to discuss issues impacting students in relation to gender, particularly in regard to programming and policy. We value inclusion, social justice, and gender equity as a means to ensure respect and tolerance for people regardless of background or experience. The center is located in the Tivoli Student Union, Suite #260, A-1. The telephone number is (303) 315-7262.

Veteran & Military Student Services (VMSS)​

Representing Active-Duty, Reservist, National Guard, Veteran and VA-dependent students, the VMSS provides support throughout the transition from military life to the university environment, the entire academic experience and the progression from college to the work force and a professional career. VMSS is located in the Tivoli Student Union, Suite #124. The telephone number is (303) 315-7300.

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