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Learning Resources Center

The Learning Resources Center (LRC) strives to support all students during their academic journey at CU Denver by creating an inclusive and collaborative learning environment that:

  • Fosters meaningful interactions with peers, faculty and staff
  • Empowers students to discover their true learning potential
  • Develops human capacity through independent learning and critical thinking
Services are FREE and available to all currently enrolled CU Denver students.

​The LRC is internationally certified



Need a consistent meeting time? Weekly Appointment Tutoring is for you.

Drop in for quick questions or stay for a longer study session. The choice is yours with walk-in tutoring.

No time to meet in person? Meet us online!

 You're enrolled in a historically challenging course... now what? 

It's been so long... how are you supposed to remember that?

Get help building study habits that fit your learning style!


Need to study but forgot your book or other resources? Check it out! The LRC has your back.


Tutorial Services • Phone:303-315-3531• Email:​

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