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Supplemental Instruction (SI)

You're enrolled in a historically challenging course... now what?

Let Supplemental Instruction (SI) help you maximize your study time while also getting to know your classmates and having fun!

  • A trained SI Leader (approved by the course's instructor) is assigned to historically challenging courses to help students develop a deeper understanding of difficult course concepts.
  • Weekly interactive and collaborative study session where you work in small groups with your classmates. 
  • Leader uses facilitation strategies to engage you in critical thinking, analyzing and making connections with difficult concepts.
  • Leader shares effective study strategies to help you learn the concepts and engage you in fun and effective learning activities with your classmates. 
  • An environment where you can make mistakes/be confused and learn from it.
  • Compare notes and study tips with your classmates.
  • Not a re-lecture. SI will focus mainly on the most challenging concepts from the week’s lecture.
  • Statistics show that students who regularly attend SI sessions perform better in class.
  • Attendance is voluntary. Drop-in.

click for Spring 2020 SI schedule​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

*SI sessions are subject to change at any time if attendance is low. 

 ​Select your course below for current SI materials:

 BIOL 2051.001

 BIOL 2051.002

  • ​​

 BIOL 2051.003/.005/.007

  • ​​

 BIOL 2051.006

  • ​​

 BIOL 2061.002

 BIOL 3244.001

  • ​​

 CHEM 2031.001/.004

  • ​​

 CHEM 2061.001/.002

  • ​​

 CHEM 3411.002

 PHYS 2010.001/.003

  • ​​

 PHYS 2311.001

  • ​​

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