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Frequently Asked Questions


 Frequently Asked Questions


 What does EUReCA! stand for?

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities​​​3

 What kind of assistance do EUReCA! programs offer?

EUReCA! offers assistance in the forms of grants and work-study awards to assist undergraduates students interested in completing professionally relevant projects, research, creative or other scholarly activities at CU Denver​.​​​4

 Who is eligible to apply for a EUReCA! award?

Any motivated undergraduate student at CU Denver who is interested in completing a research or creative experience under the guidance of a faculty member.


 What is the maximum award I can apply for?

Award amounts will vary depending on which EUReCA! award you are applying for.


 Where do I start if I'm interested in applying for a EUReCA! award?

Find the opportunity that best matches you and your particular interests and needs on the CU Denver Experiential Learning Centers webpage.

Click on Undergraduate Research, find an UR Opportunity, and learn more about the different programs available. EUReCA! Programs offer opportunities for students at every level starting with an Entering Research course, part-time work study positions conducting research with a faculty member, grants to complete a project of your own initiative, grants to participate in academic conferences and much more.

 Are EUReCA! awards only available to STEM majors?

No. EUReCA! Awards are available to undergraduate students from all disciplines pursuing professionally relevant research, creative, or other scholarly activities.


 Do you have to be an honors student to participate in research?

Honors status is not a requirement for involvement in research and creative activities.​​​9

 Are research opportunities only available in a lab?

Research can take place in a variety of settings, including laboratories, libraries, on the computer, in the field, or in a studio or theatre. Where research occurs depends on your discipline and the type of project your engage in.


 Can I receive credit for doing research?

Yes. Credit is primarily available as independent study credit, thesis or senior capstone credit. Policies vary by department. Speak with your advisor.


 Can I receive payment for research?

Yes. Some EUReCA! Programs like the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Grant (UROP) offer students the option to apply for a stipend for completing research.​​​12

 Are there summer research opportunities available?

Yes. The EURēCA! Fellows Program is a highly competitive summer fellowship that provides a small number of CU Denver undergraduates with a stipend to conduct original research, creative, or other scholarly activity in the field of their declared major under the supervision of a CU Denver or CU Anschutz faculty mentor.


 Where can I present my research or creative activity?

At the Research and Creative Activities Symposium (RACAS) every year. All students from both CU Denver and CU Anschutz are eligible to participate in the symposium, which provides the opportunity to present their work to an audience of peers, faculty, family, and visitors. Over 200 student researchers participated in the event each year.​

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