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General Internship

Do I have to pay for the internship?

If you’re taking an internship you will pay the tuition associated with the number of credits you register for.

Can I still receive credit if I am being paid?

Yes. If you meet the qualifications for an internship, you may receive both credit and pay for an internship, pending approval from your faculty sponsor, employer, and Internship Advisor.

How many hours do I need to work for an internship?

Required onsite internship hours vary by college and by how many credits you’ve registered for. Minimum requirements are 45 onsite hours for each registered credit hour, however many students work many more hours than these minimums.

Do internships only last a semester?

Internships typically last only one semester. In some cases a student may continue an internship if they are given a new assignment with significantly different learning goals. They will need to complete a new Learning Agreement and register for an additional internship class.

Can I do an internship that isn't paid and not for credit?

No. At this time the Experiential Learning Center does not support non paid, non credit internships. The Bureau of Labor’s Fair Labor Standards Act states that it is against the law for a for-profit company to “hire” volunteers for work they would otherwise pay an employee to do. In addition, students participating in non-paid, non-credit experiences typically do not have liability coverage should they get injured on the job.

Can I earn credit for an internship I found?

Yes, as long as the internship provides a significant learning experience related to your major, and you meet the minimum qualifications of your department. Your faculty sponsor will have the final say as to whether it is a credit-worthy experience.

Is there someone I can talk with about internships?

Yes. Your Internship Advisor is available to assist you in making these types of decisions. Simply schedule an appointment with your advisor by calling 303-556-6656.

What are the criteria to be a faculty sponsor?

A faculty sponsor must be a faculty member within your major and must be a tenure track faculty or have been approved by the department to sponsor interns.

Where can I find my faculty sponsor?

You can find a list of approved faculty sponsors by college and department in the Resource Library section of your InternLink homepage or at the Experiential Learning Center.

How do I contact my faculty sponsor?

Contact the faculty member via phone or email in order to set up an appointment to discuss your internship.

Do I have to use a faculty sponsor with whom I previously had a class?

No. Some departments have assigned internship faculty sponsors, while other departments allow students to choose a faculty sponsor based on matching research interests. If you are given an option, choose a faculty member whose research matches with your internship learning objectives.

Where do I pick up my ADD slip? How do I register for credit?

Internship Credit Approval Forms (or ADD Slips) are only available from your Internship Advisor after you’ve completed the Learning Agreement and before you begin working at your internship site. Bring your completed Learning Agreement to your Internship Advisor. Your advisor will fill out an Internship Credit Approval Form and you will sign the form. The Experiential Learning Center will take the form to the Registrar at the CU Denver Building Annex, 100.

Where can I get an Internship Time Log?

Your Internship Advisor will provide you with a time log to track your hours when register your Internship with the Experiential Learning Center. You can also access and print an Internship Time Log on the Experiential Learning Center Website under Forms or your InternLink account under the Resource Library.

Who do I turn my time log in to at the end of the internship?

Turn in your completed time log in to your faculty sponsor at the end of the semester along with any other required assignments.

Eligibility and Policies

How many internships can I do at once?

Students may be allowed to participate in more than one internship per semester depending on the College or School the student is enrolled in and what that College or School allows.

What if I don't currently meet the requirements for an internship?

Meet with your Academic Advisor or Department Chair to identify alternatives to the internship.

What if I want to do an intership not listed on InternLink?

We encourage students to find internships on their own. While all internships require ELC approval, the process for gaining approval of internships not listed on InternLink is a simple process. Please call or meet with your Internship Advisor to see if your internship qualifies.

What if an intership is required but I don't meet all of the requirements?

Meet with your Academic Advisor or Department Chair to identify alternatives to the internship.

Is there a maximum number of internships I can do while at CU Denver?

Each department has different requirements for the maximum number of internships that you can do. Please see your Academic Advisor to help you determine how many internships you would be able to do and if you have enough credit available to do so.

Why can't I do an internship outside of my major?

An internship needs to be a learning experience related to your field of study. For that reason, it is critical that your internship is within your major.

Can I still do an internship as an international student?

All international students are able to do internships. Please review the orientation for international students to familiarize yourself with those additional steps. If you have any questions, please contact your Internship Advisor or the Office of International Affairs.

Can I do an internship as a transfer student?

Transfer students must still meet the requirements to do an internship. This includes credit hours completed at CU Denver and CU Denver GPA requirements. If you are in your first semester at CU Denver, you will not be able to do an internship.


What if I can't find any internships I want to apply for on InternLink?

The Experiential Learning Center offers several online resources besides InternLink that may help you find what you’re interested in. Meet with your Internship Advisor for additional options. Please remember to keep checking InternLink while you’re looking at other sources, as new internships are added each day.

When I Do a Search on InternLink, it Always Produces Few or No Results, is There Something Wrong With the Way I’m Searching?

When searching on InternLink, make sure that you are doing multiple searches. This will increase the number of internships that you can view. There are over 500 internships posted at any one time on InternLink. To view the internship opportunities, you must have gone through an the Online Internship Orientation, and registered on InternLink. Within 24 hours, the Experiential Learning Center reception staff will approve your profile. If you still have trouble viewing positions please call 303-556-6656 so the front desk staff can assist you directly. You will only be able to view internships on InternLink after your profile has been approved. Please remember to check InternLink on an ongoing basis, as new internships are added each day. The one you want may be there.

What is the best way to search for internships on InternLink?

We recommend that you conduct a search by major or keyword. In addition, setting up a saved search and an email agent will make searching for internships even easier. If you have questions about searching, please talk to an ELC Peer Assistant or make an appointment with your Internship Advisor.

Are the internships posted on InternLink up to date and active?

All internships on InternLink are up-to-date and active. Many employers are constantly hiring interns, so they will post their internship every semester. The Experiential Learning Center staff updates InternLink each semester to make sure that contact information is correct.


What if I've applied to several different internships on InternLink without receiving a response?

Some employers will take a while to get back to intern applicants. It is appropriate to follow up with the organization after a week to inquire where they are in their hiring process.

Is it alright to contact the buisiness/organization directly on InternLink?

Some employers have requested that their contact information not be viewable to students. If you do not see contact information on InternLink, do not contact the organization. Before you contact employers, you may want to check with your Internship Advisor to discuss strategies for phone calls and emails to employers.

Will companies be less likely to hire me if I have little to no experience in the field?

Most employers understand that students applying for internships usually don’t have relevant experience. Your coursework, academic projects, and knowledge is often your most valuable asset. What will make you stand out as a candidate is a strong resume and cover letter. Your Internship Advisor can help you with this.

What if I don't have a current resume?

The Career Center, located with LynxConnect in Tivoli #439, offers resume critiques. You may also have your Internship Advisor review your resume.

Do I need to submit a cover page with my resume?

Read each internship posting on InternLink carefully. Some employers require that you submit a cover letter and will not consider applicants that do not include one. Most employers will not ask for a cover letter, however we recommend that you include a cover letter if you email or snail mail your resume. For assistance, go to the Career Center or view the samples in the “Apply for an Internship” section of the Experiential Learning Center website.

Further Assistance

What if I need further assistance, like with career counseling?

Visit the Career Center to learn about their career planning services or make an appointment with a Career Counselor 303-556-2250.

Who is my internship advisor?

Each Internship Advisor works with students from specific majors. Please call 303-556-6656 to determine who your Internship Advisor is or check out the “About Us” section of our website.

Where can I find an Internship Learning Agreement?

Learning Agreements are located in the Resource Library section of your InternLink homepage. You can also stop in to the Experiential Learning Center to pick up a copy. You will have access to your homepage after you’ve completed the Online Internship Orientation and registered on InternLink.

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