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Colorado Collegiate Health Professions Development

Students Interested in CO-HPD Scholars

Students Interested in the Program
CO-HPD Scholars participate in a year-long program with a one-month summer intensive experience. Participating undergraduate students will strengthen their applications to professional schools and programs by receiving hands-on training and exposure to a variety of health careers, and through advanced professional school examination practice with Kaplan Test Prep. The CO-HPD Scholars program includes students from the following, and other related, disciplines: Behavioral Health, Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Public Health, and Research. Students need not be a science major at their undergraduate institution however, experience with science coursework is highly recommended for July students, and required for June. Students must also have completed a college algebra, or equivalent difficultly math course, with a “B” grade or better. The CO-HPD Scholars program will focus on:
  • cultivating integrated teams of health professionals who share the broadest possible understanding of health
  • improving each student’s knowledge and performance in pre-health core curriculum areas
  • clarifying health career goals
  • enhancing the student professional school applications and MCAT/DAT/ PCAT/GRE scores
  • engaging students in collaborative community-based projects that will help make Colorado the healthiest state in the nation for generations to come.
CO-HPD Scholars Participant Information: The 65 applicants chosen to participate in the 2015 CO-HPD Scholars program must reside at the Denver area college or university that is hosting the intensive summer session. The assembled cohort of CO-HPD Scholars from around the state will be expected to form a student leadership network. While in Denver, students will work together to prepare for professional school applications and generate a greater understanding of the multitude of facets comprising the field of health care.  Participants must meet the following requirements:
  • Currently enrolled in a Colorado College or University
  • Student in good standing
  • Interested in health careers
  • Willing to fully participate in the 2015 CO-HPD Scholars four-week intensive summer program in Denver (June 22 through July 17, 2015)
  • Follow up surveys and “check-ins” throughout the 2015-2016 academic year
  • Student must be at least 18 years old by program start date Participants receive:
  • Thanks to a generous grant from the Colorado Health Foundation, tuition is free​ to the 2015 CO-HPD Scholars four-week summer program, which includes:
    • Practical experience in clinical simulations
    • Research practices
    • Service learning
    • Job-shadowing
    • Kaplan Test Prep instruction
    • Continuous Application Support & Career Coaching
    • HIPAA, CPR, and First Aid training
    • Room & board
2015 Scholars, please visit the following link to complete the V.A.R.K test prior to the start of your program. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or call (303) 724-6489.  Please note: Deadline to apply is April 3, 2015.

Click here to apply for the 2015 CO-HPD Scholars program

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