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Student Rotation Resources

Student Rotation Policy

Rotation Housing Overview

Background information for Student Rotations:
Colorado is divided into six AHEC regions and has offices in each of these regions to help students find housing and provide support to local health care initiatives that serve the Colorado AHEC Program’s mission and goals (Colorado AHEC Program website:  As part of its core mission, the Colorado Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Program Office–a part of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus –seeks to improve health care distribution to the State of Colorado by facilitating secondary housing for clinical rotations located greater than 40 miles (radius) from the CU Anschutz campus. COAHEC understands preceptors play an important role in the education of health care professionals, as they allow students to fully prepare for employment through real-world experiences.  It is the intent of COAHEC housing that students on clinical rotation will be housed within the community they are located for clinical rotation to facilitate their engagement with the community and the ability of the community to access them for future recruitment.  Health professions students from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus will be given priority for Colorado AHEC housing.  COAHEC does not discriminate in housing based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status.

​General information:

Students who are assigned a rural clinical rotation will be sent an e-mail from and must respond immediately using their ucdenver e-mail address (or applicable University email address), to indicate whether  they do or do not need housing for rotations uploaded by the program coordinator. Requests for housing should occur at least six (6) weeks prior to the start of the rotation in order to allow sufficient time to secure housing. If a program is unable to place a student six (6) weeks in advance due to unforeseen circumstances such as a rotation change or cancellation, contact the Regional AHEC Housing Coordinator and Colorado AHEC Program Office as soon as possible ( to alert the office of the need for emergency housing.

There are two (2) possible options for housing.

1)     COAHEC arranged house

2)     Student arranged housing


While housing is never guaranteed, it is the intent of COAHEC housing that health professions students on clinical rotation will be housed within the community they are located to facilitate their engagement with the community.  Housing coordinators shall provide housing as close to the rotation as possible. The majority of COAHEC housing occurs in host homes, and every effort will be made by regional AHEC coordinators to secure appropriate accommodations. 


Students must acknowledge and sign the Student Housing Contract when registering. Upon receipt of the student housing contract by the Regional AHEC Office Housing Coordinator, housing will be arranged. Once the contract has been received from the student and the housing has been confirmed, the Regional AHEC Housing Coordinator will contact the student directly with their housing information a minimum of two weeks (10 business days) prior to the start of the rotation.

Students may choose to arrange their own housing and request reimbursement as outlined below.

A.    Student Responsibilities:

  • Students who arrange their own housing shall respond to the initial email from the COAHEC program office and indicate that housing is not needed
  • ​Students who arrange their own housing are responsible for any payments to the homeowner or landlord as required.  No advance of funds shall be made available to students to pay for housing. No background checks or other support is provided

  • Students who violate the cancellation policy in Section III,1 will not be eligible for reimbursement​   

B.     PAYMENT PARAMETERS for Student-Found housing​:

  • Reimbursement: Students shall be reimbursed up to the number of days of their clinical rotation (allowing for arrival and departure days) regardless of when the student chooses to arrive/leave, and only for the actual nights housed.  Students will be reimbursed at the current VCHA approved rate, and not to exceed the actual amount spent for the entire rotation.  CURRENT RATE is $23/night
  • At the END of the rotation, students must properly complete an official Colorado AHEC program rent receipt found on the Colorado AHEC program website ( and submit it to the Colorado AHEC program office ( no later than forty-five (45) calendar days following the completion of the rotation to receive reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement checks shall be mailed directly to the student from the Colorado AHEC program office.
  • No reimbursement payments shall be made for students who reside with immediate family members (parents or siblings).
  • No advance of funds shall be made available to students to pay for housing.
University of Colorado/ Anschutz Medical Campus Academic AHEC Program Liaisons:
• College of Nursing: BSN  Allison Moravec-Rice ( 303.724.8311 (office)  Deana Alfonso (
• Physician Assistant Program: Tanya Fernandez ( 303.724.1345
• Physical Therapy Program: Cindy Armstrong ( 303.888.0580 (mobile)
• School of Dental Medicine: Tamara Tobey ( 303.724.7033 concurrently with Karen Tawara ( 303.724.7030 (office)
• School of Pharmacy: Wendy Anderson ( 303.724.2619 (office) concurrently with Wes Nuffer ( ) 303.724.2654 (office)
• School of Medicine: Nichole Zehnder ( 303.724.6407 (office)

       Catherine LeMay Family Medicine CPC RCC ILMC Summer Preceptorship

       Courtney Furstenberg   Women Care

       Claudia Smith   Emergency Care

       Sharon Campbell   Psychiatric Care

       Brenda Cordova   Infant, Child, and Adolescent Care

       Mary Kay Anderson  Peri-Operative Care

       Kasie Holcomb​  Family Medicine Sub-I

       Kirstin Kamna  Neurologic Care

       Rebecca Lewis   Musculoskeletal Care

       Angie Duet  Hospitalized Adult Care

       Liv Lindenberg  Adult Ambulatory Care

• Anesthesiologist Assistant Program: Ann-Michael Holland ( 252.414.1042 (mobile) 

Regional AHEC Housing Coordinators:

• Centennial AHEC (CAHEC): Nancy Schumacher ( 970.330.3608

• Central Colorado AHEC (CCAHEC): Mitch Fittro ( ) 720-863-8199

• San Luis Valley AHEC (SLVAHEC): Lisa Lucero ( 719.589.4977; 719.588.5363 (mobile)

• Southeastern Colorado AHEC (SECAHEC): Debra Ball ( 719.544.7833

• Southwestern Colorado AHEC (SWCAHEC): Heather Sorensen ( 970.426.4285

• Western Colorado AHEC (WCAHEC): Nicole Heil ( 970.434.5474

ext. 3; 970.201.9565 (mobile)

Student responsibilities:
Full student responsibilities can be found in the Housing Policy-- some are highlighted below:

• Students must register using their official student CU Anschutz e-mail address (personal e-mail addresses are not acceptable) or contact the appropriate regional AHEC office using an applicable official University e-mail address if a non-CU Anschutz student.

​• If a rotation is changed or canceled, the student must notify the Regional AHEC Housing Coordinator and the Colorado AHEC Program Office immediately. In addition, if changes occur within two (2) weeks of the start the date the student AND the student’s Academic Program Liaison must notify the Regional AHEC Housing Coordinator and the Colorado AHEC Program Office immediately. Failure to provide notice of cancellation once housing has been assigned will result in charges to the student’s Academic program and the inability for the student to request Colorado AHEC housing in the future. The student’s Academic program will determine the need for any further action toward the student.

​AHEC responsibilities:
Full AHEC responsibilities can be found in the Housing Policy-- few are highlighted below:

• Colorado AHEC Host housing provides students with a single, private sleeping room, however, the bathroom may be shared with the Host family or other students. Students are expected to purchase their own food and prepare their own meals unless previously arranged with the Host. Any costs for food are at the expense of the student and will NOT be reimbursed by AHEC. The Host family will share space in their kitchen and may share other living space in the home which should be discussed with the Host upon arrival.
• Colorado AHEC owned/leased houses, apartments and condos may be coed (male/female). Colorado AHEC provides students with a single, private sleeping room, however, the bathroom may be shared. Additionally, all common areas; kitchen, living, and dining areas may be shared with other students.
• Internet access is NOT guaranteed. If Internet service is not available at the housing location, the student will be notified prior to the rotation and the Regional AHEC Office will assist the student in locating internet access in the community. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with their Academic Program on the Anschutz Medical Campus should internet access not be available. Bandwidth is limited in many rural areas. Students are asked to limit their internet usage to Academic Program-related activity while residing in Colorado AHEC Housing.


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