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Network: Faculty and Staff Resources

Colorado Combined Campaign is under way

Join in the season of giving


Dear Colleagues:

Since 1988, the Colorado Combined Campaign (CCC) has helped hundreds of programs and services throughout Colorado. The campaign is the principal charitable solicitation program for the University and state government, with over 5,800 employees throughout the state contributing last year.  The faculty and staff of the University of Colorado Denver was a leading contributor and raised almost 11% of the state’s $1.5 million total contribution.

Once again, we have this opportunity to lend our support to the more than 700 community partnerships by joining together for another successful campaign.  Giving through the campaign is voluntary, confidential and tax deductable.  Your giving opportunities are numerous and cover a wide range of worthy community services.

For the second year, we will be conducting a totally green campaign. Not only is this good for the environment but it will also cut the University’s administrative costs dramatically.  Last year UC Denver was the pioneer in the state and won an award from the campaign for conducting the first ever green effort. The participation was also a tremendous success, with UCD raising more donations than any other state agency. In a time of declining participation for most agencies, we managed to raise our contributions by 9.72%.

To choose your charity, go to select “for donors” and view the 2010 Colorado Combined Campaign Charity Listing.  To make your pledge or one-time gift online, go to ; select “Pledge Now”, create your new username and password and select “register”. 

If you prefer to mail your pledge or one-time donation, print out the donation form at select “for donors” then select 2010 Pledge Form.  Please send your completed form along with your donation to the attention of Julia Agazio at Campus Box UCD 130.

As you consider which organizations you would like to help, please also be aware that UC Denver has special direct relationships with the AMC Cancer Research Center, Auraria Library, National Jewish Health, Working Together, Kempe Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect, and Children’s Hospital Foundation.

We hope to increase participation to 25% of our employees this year.  I hope that each faculty and staff member will help with this important effort.  How much you choose to contribute is a personal decision and any amount will help.  Please think about the difference we can make together and join me in leading the way toward healthier communities.

If you have any questions regarding this year’s campaign, please contact or call 303-315-2717.

Kevin Jacobs
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Human Resources