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Post Doctoral

What is PAC?

Postdoctoral Advisory Committee (PAC)


To advise the Dean of the Graduate School and the Postdoctoral Office on postdoctoral affairs and issues; to assist in creation and establishment of policy, protocols, and precedent affecting Postdoctoral Fellows/Trainees; and to promote the UCD campuses as a primary postdoctoral training ground.


  • This 18-member body is convened by and at the pleasure of the Dean of the Graduate School. 
  • The make-up may vary somewhat but the numbers most consistently are made up of one-half faculty mentors (9), one-third postdoctoral fellows (6), two (2) departmental administrators, and one (1) ex-officio staff person from an administrative office involved with and pertinent to the process or issues of postdoctoral employment. 
  • A diversity of departmental units are to be represented in the membership. 
  • The Dean of the Graduate School, as Chair of the PAC, acts as a deciding vote in issues where tie-votes occur.  


  • Meetings are held at least twice a year on the second Thursday of the months of April and October at 1:30pm, and more often as necessary. 
  • Meeting logistics and communications are managed by the Postdoctoral Program Manager.
  • Meeting agendas are set by the Dean of the Graduate School.  Any member of the Committee and the program manager may suggest items for the agenda. 


Current Members 

Current Members

A list of currrent members of the PAC

Former Members 

Former Members

A list of former members of the PAC

PAC Meeting Agendas 

PAC Meeting Agendas

Meetings began in October of 2008.  Agendas are housed here as well as a summary of accomplishments in the first academic year.