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Post Doctoral

Writing Specific Aims Pages Workshops

Training for Postdoctoral Fellows/Trainees in Job Code 1438 At University Of Colorado Denver & Anschutz Medical Campuses

​Objective: To provide training specific to writing “aims” pages for grant submission.


  • Postdoc must be the primary PI on the grant.
  • Required submission of “aims” page due two weeks in advance of workshop date.


  1. Prior to seminar day:
    1. PDO sponsored & arranged 1-3 hour sessions several times a year – announced to postdoc population
    2. Attendees/participants register for upcoming seminar
    3. Participants submit written aims page two weeks in advance in MS Word format (for editing)
  2. Seminar day:
    1. Faculty presenter presents general tips for writing specific aims pages
    2. Submission excerpts used as examples for discussion and suggestions for improvement
    3. Faculty reviewer[s] provide return of submitted materials with written comments
    4. PDO asks for evaluative feedback regarding helpfulness of session

    Faculty volunteers with years of experience