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Post Doctoral

Contact Info:
Postdoctoral Office
Email: Postdoc Office

Mailing Address
Postdoctoral Office
University of Colorado Denver
Mail Stop C296
12631 E 17th Ave
Aurora, CO 80045


Items of interest to Postdoctoral Fellows

Let the PDO know if you have an addition:

Job Help
                SOM’s CV format
                Seduce Me wih Your Sexy Resume
                The Career Wise Researcher​
                Help Not Wanted
                Straight to the Top of the Pile
                Push for Full Disclosure
                The Postdoc Experience:  High Expectations,   
                                Grounded in Reality
                Surviving a Layoff  
                The Recent Grad's Guide to Surviving Layoffs
             Job Scams
                Bosses Who Bully - Science Careers
                Female Mentors Needed
                Foreign Culture Shock  
                One Sentence Mentoring
             Find the Best Postdoc
Career Planning
                A Stop the Clock Penalty
                Planning Career Paths for PhD
                Postdoc Plan B
                HHMI Career Guides
             Making the Most of Your Postdoc
             my IDP: A New Career Planning Tool
                my IDP:  You Need a Career Plan​

Career Options
               A Mismatch in Goals
               Careers Away from the Bench
               From Academe to Market Research
               In the Market
               It's a Viable Career Path    
               Job Squeeze Vexes Postdocs
               Physicist Elected to Congress 
               Stick or Twist
               Tenure Track as Alt-Ac
               The Radical New Humanities PhD
               There and Back Again
               Academia's obligation re: industry
               Biotech Employment Trends
               Top Ten Biotech Jobs
Building Community
               What Do Researchers Do?:  Early Career Progress...
               NPA - A Voice for the Voiceless
                SCImag: The Power of Unions
                Smoking Gun on Sexism
                Labor Unions & Postdoc Disputes
                Team Science:  Sharing the Sandbox
                Turbulent Times
International Community
                Foreign Tongues
                Friendless in America
                From J to Where?
                Immigration:  Waiting for the Green
                National Interest Waivers​

                NIH Tackles Major Workforce Issues
            Re: writing  The Benefits of Rejection
            PhD Students Losing Interest
            NIH grant spending on postdocs
Retrieving Data