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Post Doctoral

Contact Info:
Postdoctoral Office
Valerie Saltou
Direct: 303-724-2930
Dean's office: 303-724-2911
Fax: 303-724-2916


Physical & Delivery Address
Anschutz Medical Campus
Academic Office Building 1
(L-15) Room 1501
North end on ground level
12631 E 17th Ave
Aurora, CO 80045

Mailing Address
Postdoctoral Office
University of Colorado Denver
Mail Stop C296
12631 E 17th Ave
Aurora, CO 80045

By Appointment
Downtown Denver Campus
Lawrence Street Center Bldg.
1380 Lawrence St.
Denver, CO 80204


Items of interest to Postdoctoral Fellows

Let the PDO know if you have an addition:

Job Help
                SOM’s CV format
                Seduce Me wih Your Sexy Resume
                The Career Wise Researcher​
                Help Not Wanted
                Straight to the Top of the Pile
                Push for Full Disclosure
                The Postdoc Experience:  High Expectations,   
                                Grounded in Reality
                Surviving a Layoff  
                The Recent Grad's Guide to Surviving Layoffs
             Job Scams
                Bosses Who Bully - Science Careers
                Female Mentors Needed
                Foreign Culture Shock  
                One Sentence Mentoring
             Find the Best Postdoc
Career Planning
                A Stop the Clock Penalty
                Planning Career Paths for PhD
                Postdoc Plan B
                HHMI Career Guides
             Making the Most of Your Postdoc
             my IDP: A New Career Planning Tool
                my IDP:  You Need a Career Plan​

Career Options
               A Mismatch in Goals
               Careers Away from the Bench
               From Academe to Market Research
               In the Market
               It's a Viable Career Path    
               Job Squeeze Vexes Postdocs
               Physicist Elected to Congress 
               Stick or Twist
               Tenure Track as Alt-Ac
               The Radical New Humanities PhD
               There and Back Again
               Academia's obligation re: industry
               Biotech Employment Trends
               Top Ten Biotech Jobs
Building Community
               What Do Researchers Do?:  Early Career Progress...
               NPA - A Voice for the Voiceless
                SCImag: The Power of Unions
                Smoking Gun on Sexism
                Labor Unions & Postdoc Disputes
                Team Science:  Sharing the Sandbox
                Turbulent Times
International Community
                Foreign Tongues
                Friendless in America
                From J to Where?
                Immigration:  Waiting for the Green
                National Interest Waivers​

                NIH Tackles Major Workforce Issues
            Re: writing  The Benefits of Rejection
            PhD Students Losing Interest
            NIH grant spending on postdocs
Retrieving Data