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Post Doctoral

Annual Performance Review Process for Postdocs

For Postdoctoral Fellows/Trainees in job code 1438 at the University of Colorado Denver and Anschutz Medical campuses.

Evaluations (or Annual Performance Reviews)

Your mentor and department are responsible for, at a minimum, completing the required annual evaluation rating sheet and submitting it to the PDO. It is always encouraged that more frequent feedback is provided either formally or informally. The fellow should feel confident in asking for an assessment at any time. 

Evaluation Resources

1. Use this link for the departmental evaluation process: Handling Evaluations
2. Here’s a sample of the "public record" form required to be completed and filed with the PDO (this is an outdated form -- only on-line forms are used since 2014):                
3. Use your completed and updated UCD Postdoc IDP/ARP form to discuss progress made and to make plans for the upcoming year.  (For the document/nonPDF version easier to copy and fill out:  UCD Postdoc IDP/ARP form  )

Items to use along with your mentor:


Tips for you, the postdoc

Additional information you need to know as far as your reaction to the evaluation:
  • You must be given a copy of all written evaluation items AND the rating sheet, which is the public record that is sent to the PDO.
  • Signing the form means only that you have been informed of the rating, not that you agree with it.
  • Your supervisor/mentor has the responsibility and the right to give the rating he/she believes is fitting for your performance. Hopefully there is a free exchange of thoughts about your evaluation with your mentor, so that full understanding of the situation and reason for the rating is achieved. If you are dissatisfied with the evaluation outcomes, you have several options:
  1. Be sure to learn from your supervisor/mentor what you can do to improve your performance so as to obtain a better evaluation rating in the next cycle. Best practice: Either get it in writing or send an email to your mentor outlining what you understood in conversation, allowing for a response that either agrees or corrects your understanding.
  2. You can go to the Ombuds office to seek confidential assistance in approaching the matter with your mentor. (Bldg 500 Rm C7005 4-2950)
  3. As an outlet, you can respond in writing to the supervisor, and copy the division head or department Chair. It is up to that administrative head whether anything will be followed up on. At the least, your response should be filed by the dept administrator along with the other evaluation documents.
  4. Seek advice from another faculty member, get some peer counseling from other Postdocs, call the PDO to talk it over if you like.
  5. If you are convinced that the evaluation rating given is arbitrary or capricious, or that some department or University policy is not being/has not been followed, you can make a formal written grievance to the department Chair and send a copy to the PDO.
  • Be specific about the actions that are the subject of complaint.
  • Offer the remedy you would like to see.
  • Do not let more than a few days go by before responding! Typically grievances are filed within a week to 10 calendar days. See details on timing and procedure here:
                Postdoc Grievance Process-PAC final 8-1-13.pdf
        View your completed postdoc APR form from 2014 here.  
                        (Enter your University user name and password.)