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Post Doctoral

UC Denver Postdoctoral Term Limits

For departments employing Postdoctoral Fellows/Trainees in job code 14

Term Limit Policy

As of January 1, 2009, new policies affecting employment of Postdoctoral Fellows at UC Denver became effective. One of those concerns term limits for Fellows employment, which was set at six years. In harmony with that new policy, mentors and fellows need to proactively attend to good planning regarding the progression of training to be completed during the time of appointment, and certainly by or before a period of six years of employment as a Postdoc is reached. 

As the beginning of the sixth and final year of appointment approaches, the Postdoctoral Office will be in contact with the employing unit, asking for communication on the status of training, and for eventual action on the appointment.

The department needs to do one of two things:

  1. Move this Postdoctoral Fellow into a more permanent job classification that includes retirement benefits, such as a Research Associate (job code 1306) or, if more teaching experience is needed to enter the tenure-track series, or if PI status is needed, as an Instructor (job code 1105).
  2. Assist this Fellow to obtain a position external to UCD. 

The Postdoctoral Office maintains a web page of job opportunities links. Due to some institutional memberships and affiliations, there are also websites where the Fellow can post his/her CV for potential employers to see.  But, the best sources, of course, are going to be departmental connections within the specific field of expertise. It shows professionalism and collegial empathy when mentors make an effort to ensure a Fellow’s training is completed in a timely way, equipping him/her to progress as a career scientist.

Possible Petition for Extension

If the mentor knows of a compelling reason that this Fellow needs to remain employed as a Postdoc for a time period to extend beyond the sixth year, this must be communicated in writing to the Postdoctoral Office Coordinator as soon as possible, but no later than four months prior to that anniversary date. It may be necessary to petition the Dean for an extended employment period, as per the new policy requirements.  An extension would be a rare exception and be granted only with sound justification.