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Post Doctoral

Transfering a Postdoc from Another Department

For departments employing Postdoctoral Fellows in Job Code 1438

This includes transferring the rostered employment of a Postdoctoral Fellow from one School or College to another or from one department to another or from one division to another where the work location and duties, the supervisor, and the funding source[s] presumably all change, therefore, it is a different position altogether, though within the same classification of employment of job code 1438. 

    • Postdoctoral employees who stay within the University but transfer from one rostering entity to another, staying in the 1438 job code, shall have a new offer letter created by the new hiring unit.
    • All other steps listed for new hires shall apply, including contacting ISSS concerning relevant paperwork before the transfer occurs. (see Hiring a New Postdoc
    • Because it is treated as a new hire, the salary levels for initial hires based on experience level will be in force. 
    • Any unused leave from the first appointment will be forfeit (no pay out, no carry forward).  The only exception where accrued leave may be transferred with the employee is IF this is negotiated between the postdoc and the new hiring unit. 
      • The new hiring unit may decide to accept all or part of that accrual as a liability to their funds.
      • Otherwise, the leave accrual, if not used while employed within the transferring unit and before the effective date of transfer, shall be forfeit.
    • Transfers from unit to unit fall within the time frame of the six-year term limits for postdoctoral employment.  The University of Colorado Denver is considered one employer.   
    • If a background check has been completed within the past three years, and because it is not a promotion or change of classification, the background check routinely expected for new hires or promotions may be waived by HR.  

At any point in this process, please contact the Postdoctoral Program Manager, Valerie Saltou, with any questions: 303-724-2930 or