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Post Doctoral

Keeping Postdoctoral Leave Records

For departments employing Postdoctoral Fellows in Job Code 1438

The employing unit is responsible for keeping records on leave usage and accrual and making them available to the postdoc, to the supervisor, and to the PDO as requested.

Leave Allowances

Copied here from the “ Policy for Research Postdoctoral Fellows/Trainees at University of Colorado Denver”, Section H “Uniform Benefits”, (effective date January 1, 2009) are specifics of keeping leave allowances on postdoctoral appointments.

  • Vacation and sick leave policy for all postdoctoral fellows, regardless of the source of funds used to support them, shall be 12 working days of vacation and 12 working days of sick leave per fiscal year for a total of 24 working days (or 192 hours) for full-time positions per fiscal year.
  • Accrued (unused) leave shall be carried forward year to year during the term of employment, but with no payout at termination.
  • Maximum accrual is capped at 44 working days (or 352 hours) of combined sick and vacation leave. 
  • Accrual and usage shall follow the prevailing University practices used for other employee classifications.  Hours shall be accrued each month at the rate of one day (or 8 hours) each for sick leave and vacation leave, and available for use at the beginning of the next month.  Prorated leave shall be accrued for partial month hires and for less than 100% appointments.
  • Postdoctoral Fellows are eligible for Family Medical Leave per the standard criteria used for other campus faculty positions.
  • Postdoctoral Fellows are afforded leave in accord with University policy for all employees for holidays, military duty, bereavement, and jury duty.

No leave usage will be entered in HRMS.  No payout at termination is processed.

Optional use:  PD Leave Record Form   

Special Note on Interdepartmental Transfers and Promotions

When a postdoc transfers within the University (stays a postdoc but is transferred from one department or org code to another), it is treated like a new position, because it usually is.  The job description changes, the mentor/supervisor usually changes, and, most significantly, the funding source changes.  The correct way to handle this is for the postdoc to use up accrued annual leave before making the transfer.  No cash payout is given for postdocs and no leave carries forward to the new position.  But if the new department is willing to cover any of the accrued leave liability, the postdoc may carry that amount forward into the new position.  This is a negotiation between the postdoc and that new hiring department and must be written into the letter of offer as an incentive to the transfer hire, much like a signing bonus.

If a postdoc is promoted, or moved, within the University system to a different job code, this ends the postdoc position.  There is no payout of unused leave nor any carry-forward of accrued leave into the new position.  It is a new position and begins new leave accrual according to the new position's criteria.   

Transitional year - Carry forward at January 1, 2009

  • Postdocs employed prior to January 1, 2009, should reasonably have an accrual (a bank) of unused sick and vacation leave hours. We are leaving it to the hiring units to decide how much that would be as a carry forward, but it is not appropriate for a Postdoc who has worked a year or several to be started at zero hours as of January 1. As a department, please set the number of hours for sick and vacation time for each Postdoc to carry forward. 
  • Please communicate the individual’s leave status to your Postdocs so they know what their leave accrual is going forward.

At any point in this process, please contact the Postdoctoral Office Coordinator, Valerie Saltou, with any questions or assistance in calculating accruals and usage: 303-724-2930 or