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Post Doctoral

Hiring a New Postdoc

For departments employing postdoctoral fellows in job code 1438

Postdoctoral Fellow Searches

  • No search is required for filling Postdoctoral Fellow/Trainee appointments.
  • IF a search is done, jobsatcu is to be used as the hiring/application mechanism. (See this page for options on advertising and recruitment.)
  • The PDO does not approve position data.
  • The PDO gets involved as soon as a selection is made and the negotiations for hire are being undertaken.

Hiring Procedures and Documents

  • Provisional appointments may be possible for those awaiting receipt of their diploma.
  • Provisional language is added to offer letter- see Provisional Appointments page

For additional tips: Writing Job Descriptions for Postdoctoral Fellows.pdf

Required Hiring Packet

Send documents electronically to the PDO at

  • Please send all documents in one submission.
  • Keep letter of offer as a separate scanned file, the rest can be put intoanother scanned file, or scanned separately as desired.
  2. Letter of Offer (prepare on letterhead) UCD Postdoc LOO template 7-2014.docx
  3. Job description (see info above)
  4. Selected candidate's current/updated CV
  5. Proof of degree* (or provisional language must beincluded in the letter of offer creating a Provisional Appointment)
    *Three items show official verification of degree completion:    
    1. Diploma
    2. Official transcript from institution including clear indication of degree earned
    3. Official letter from the graduate school conferring the degree, stating that all requirements have been met (this can happen several months before they walk across the stage at graduation).
  6. Background check verification from HR (forward the email dept receives)
    1. Must be submitted to PDO before hire is approved in HRMS
    2. Waived in the case of a candidate who is applying for a new visa

At any point in this process, please contact the Postdoctoral Program Manager, Valerie Saltou, with any questions:303-724-2930 or