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Our Programs

​​The Center for Faculty Development offers a variety of programs that serve the diverse needs of our faculty.  Our programing covers topics from tenure success, to active learning strategies, to inclusive teaching practices in the classroom. We deliver our offerings in a variety of formats and faculty can participate in most of our events either face-to-face, or via. Zoom video conferencing.  Check out our list of activities below - some that can give you a professional development boost for as little as 20 minutes - and choose one that is right for you. 

 Check out brief descriptions of our programs....


 OER Jumpstart

OER Jumpstart Logo.jpg

Jumpstart your knowledge, understanding, and familiarity with Open Educational Resources by participating in this seven-step hybrid professional development pathway.


 Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads are bi-monthly organized discussions about teaching and learning.  Each session is organized around a central question about teaching and learning and/or teaching technology and is facilitated by a CFD Teaching Fellow and/or a featured faculty member.  Faculty members participate by joining a pre-arranged Zoom meeting or by coming to the CFD Conference Room (320 LSC). Thursday Threads happen on the first and third Thursday of each month.​

Thursday Threads Topics and Dates​​​​​​​​​


 ACUE Course in Effective Teaching Practice


The Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) Course in Effective Teaching Practice is an online course that prepares college instructors to use research-based techniques that are shown to help students succeed. 


 Books @ Work


In a relaxed and exploratory environment, faculty will discuss books on a variety of topics, including innovative teaching techniques, learning processes, changes in higher education, academic career matters, and other issues pertinent to higher education. Please join us in person or via Zoom for lively and thought provoking discussions about our featured titles.

 ​Books@Work Titles and Dates​​​​​​


 Lunch & Learn

Our Lunch-and-Learn series is designed to provide you with appetizing opportunities to learn about innovations in teaching and discover concrete strategies for academic career success.  These delightful concoctions provide an opportunity for teachers and scholars to become more effective in their work and are infused with plentiful opportunities to meet colleagues from across camps.  Join us for eating and edification on the first Tuesday of each month during the regular academic year.​

Lunch & Learn Events​​​​


 Pedagogy Enhancement Groups (PEGs)


Pedagogy Enhancement Groups (PEGs) are faculty who participate in semester-long collective inquiry and action research to enhance their skills as educators and improve the learning of their students. Each PEG focuses on a particular pedagogical topic (e.g., active learning techniques, course design, experiential learning).  

PEGs​ forming now.​​​​​​​​


 20-Minute Mentors

20-Minute Mentors are on-demand short videos that are designed to answer specific questions related to teaching and learning.  They deliver actionable insights in highly focused 20 minute presentations.  Each month of the academic year two videos will be featured as “must watch” resources.  All of our 20-Minute Mentors will become available 24/7 via the CFD website as we acquire and catalog our new titles.  

20-Minute Mentors Titles and Access​​


 Spotlight on Excellence


This series highlights the best in teaching and research at the University of Colorado Denver.  This year, the CFD will host two Spotlight on Excellence events.  One of our Spotlight sessions will feature inspiring teaching.  Our second event will put exciting researchers in the limelight.  Each session features brief, engaging presentations by featured faculty followed by lively, informal discussions with colleagues across disciplines.  

Spotlight on Excellence Events ​​​​​​​​


 Faculty Mentoring Program

Our Faculty Mentoring Program is designed to provide supportive relationships and experienced guidance for faculty around all aspects of academic life and help acclimate faculty as they adjust to a new environment or role.  Our well-respected, experienced mentors provide important advice and support on issues that are central to your success.  Our Faculty Mentoring Program is open to all faculty, including both non-tenure track and tenure-track faculty, full-time and part-time.

 Faculty Mentoring Events​​​​​​​​​



Nanocourses are intensive mini-courses focused on complex pedagogical topics that provide you the opportunity to learn about and apply new teaching strategies and skills to your own work. Nanocourses typically meet for 6-8 hours over a two or three-day period.​

Nannocourses Offered This Academic Year​​​​​​​​​


 Communities of Practice

Learning Community.png

The Center for Faculty Development is home to several Communities of Practice (CoP). Participants meet regularly over the course of a semester to explore specific topics in teaching and learner or professional career development. 


 Badging Academy

Document the work that you do as a professional to advance your career by joining the CFD professional development Badging Academy (BA).  We will award digital badges for the Professional Development events and activities in which you participate.  These badges will help you to demonstrate your commitment to your own professional development and can be used in your annual review or tenure/promotion dossier.  At the end of the academic year, faculty who have earned 10 or more badge points will be awarded a Mega Badge Certificate for Awesome Performance in Professional Development.  In short, the BA is BA.

See what the Badging Academy​ is all about.​​


 First Year Faculty Experience (FYFE)

The first year as a new faculty at any university can be both challenging and overwhelming. The First Year Faculty Experience (FYFE) is a program intended to provide additional support and development opportunities for new faculty at CU Denver in order to make the transition much more comfortable. We’d love for you to join our Center for Faculty Development FYFE group.

​Learn More about FYFE​​13

 Celebration of Teaching & Learning

Join us as we celebrate great teaching at UC Denver!  The Celebration of Teaching is both a professional development and networking opportunity that takes place at the end of the Spring semester.  At the Celebration, distinguished teachers from across the university showcase recent classroom innovations and share personal insights about why teaching matters. Designed to be fun and informal, the Celebration will initiate conversations that continue during the social hour that follows the event.

Celebration of Teaching ​​


 National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

​The NCFDD is an online resource that provides you with access to programs that support your success in the academy. Webinars, writing challenges, and multi-week courses focus on research and writing productivity, professional connections and integration, establishing mentoring relationships and more.  16

 Cafe Pedagogique

Cafe Pedagogique (Cafe Ped) is a lively discussion of teaching and learning in a friendly and relaxed environment with access to caffeinated beverages and snacks. 12


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