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Faculty Assembly

Women's Issues Committee (WIC)

Downtown Denver Campus Faculty Assembly

The Diversity Committee (DC) reviews policies and develops recommendations on the hiring, support, and retention of a diverse faculty at UCD. In addition, the DC reviews campus policies and practices that affect diverse groups on campus. The DC maintains the following subcommittee(s):

The Women’s Issues Committee (WIC), which reviews policies and practices, evaluates and recommends policies affecting women faculty and students.


​Name ​School / College ​Term
​Diane Turner ​Auraria Library ​2012-2015
Diane Estrada​ ​SEHD ​2013-2015
​Erin Hackel
​CAM ​2012-2013
Jana Everett ​CLAS ​2013-2014
​Rian Kerrane ​CAM ​2013-2014
​Sarah Hagelin ​CLAS ​2013-2016
​Sarah Tyson ​CLAS ​2013-2016
​Sharon Coggan ​CLAS ​2013-2016




Meeting Materials - Academic Year 2014 

​Date Agendas ​Minutes Handouts
​September 2013 ​No meeting held
​October 2013 ​No meeting held
​November 2013 WIC meeting Minutes November 2013.pdf
​December 2013 WIC meeting Minutes December 2013.pdf
​January 2014 ​No meeting held
​February 2014 ​No meeting held
​March 2014 WIC meeting Minutes March 2014.pdf
​April 2014
​May 2014


Announcements / Upcoming Events


Governing Documents:

WIC Operating Procedures.pdf