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Faculty Assembly

Women's Issues Committee (WIC)

The Women’s Issues Committee (WIC), reviews policies and practices, evaluates and recommends policies affecting women faculty and students on the CU Denver Campus.

WIC Scope and Goals
·        Develop annual goals, review and revise past goals, and discuss, develop, and implement long-term goals; all goals should guide and rationalize the committee’s purposes as specified in the Bylaws of the Faculty Assembly.
·        Recommend or develop policies, programs, or activities for Assembly and administrative bodies that help create and maintain a vibrant academic environment for faculty.
·        Evaluate policies, activities, and programs that fall within the committee’s purview; these evaluative processes should be carried out collaboratively with academic-community bodies and members of the community potentially  affected by such evaluations.
·        Consult with other committees of Faculty Assembly on matters related to the committee’s purview, policies, and activities.
·        Review and assure that policies and procedures related to the committee’s purview are fair and applied fairly to faculty.
·        Help develop and monitor programs and policies that support the achievement of the committee’s goals.
·        Help develop, enhance, and evaluate support networks and necessary services for faculty that affect the implementation and review of policies that fall within the committee’s purview.
·        Assure that programs are well represented in campus policies on and procedures relative to the purview of the committee.
To further its goals, the committee shall also;
·        Invite the university AVC of Diversity and Inclusion to attend at least 1 meeting each year and work collaboratively with the AVC on diversity matters that affect faculty and the university.
·        Invite legal counsel to attend meetings that require legal review of the issues involved and work collaboratively with legal counsel to ensure the best outcomes for faculty and the university; invite other administrators from time to time who may provide assistance to the committee in areas of mutual concern.
·        Develop, maintain, and enhance networking opportunities for women faculty  (e.g., fall reception, collaboration with Council’s women’s committee on the annual symposium, workshops, etc.).
·        Assess gender bias in campus policies and procedures as needed (e.g., sexual harassment, FCQs, family leave).
·        Collaborate with Women and Gender Studies to mutual benefit.
·        Conduct annual “environmental scans” to determine needs of or possibilities for women faculty.
·        Annually review, critique, and make suggestions for improvements in university policies and procedures that affect female faculty, educational programs, policies, and other aspects of university life.
·        Annually review university services for women faculty and make recommendations for changes as needed.
Name ​School / College Term
​Annika Mosier ​CLAS ​​2014 - 2017
​Diane Turner ​Auraria Library ​2012 - 2015
Linda Fried​ ​Business ​2014 - 2017
Diane Estrada​ ​SEHD ​2013 - 2016
​Erin Hackel
​CAM ​2012 - 2015
Jana Everett ​CLAS ​2014 - 2017
​Joanna Luloff ​CLAS ​2014 - 2017
Rian Kerrane
​CAM ​2014 - 2017
Robyn Mobbs​ ​SPA ​2014 - 2017
​Sarah Hagelin ​CLAS ​2013 - 2016
​Sarah Tyson ​CLAS ​2013 - 2016
​Sharon Coggan ​CLAS ​2013 - 2016
First Monday of each month (through 2014)
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Location: ARTS 177


 Meeting Materials



​Date ​Minutes
​January 2015
​February 2015
​March 2015
​April 2015
​May 2015
​June 2015
​July 2015
​August 2015
​September 2015
​October 2015
​November 2015
​December 2015


​Date ​​Minutes
​January 2014 ​No Meeting Held
​February 2014 ​No Meeting Held
​March 2014 WIC meeting Minutes March 2014.pdf
​April 2014 ​No Meeting Held
​May 2014 ​No Meeting Held
​June 2014 ​No Meeting Held
​July 2014 ​No Meeting Held
​August 2014 ​No Meeting Held
​September 2014 WIC meeting Minutes September 2014.pdf
​October 2014 WIC meeting Minutes October 2014.pdf
​November 2014 ​TBA
​December 2014 ​TBA


​Date ​​Miinutes
​January 2013
​February 2013
​March 2013
​April 2013
​May 2013
​June 2013
​July 2013
​August 2013
​September 2013
​October 2013
​November 2013 WIC meeting Minutes November 2013.pdf
​December 2013 WIC meeting Minutes December 2013.pdf

 Governing Documents