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Faculty Assembly

Minority Affairs Committee (MAC)

The Diversity Committee (DC) reviews policies and develops recommendations on the hiring, support, and retention of a diverse faculty at CU Denver. In addition, the DC reviews campus policies and practices that affect diverse groups on campus. 

The Minority Affairs Committee (MAC), which reviews policies and practices, evaluates, and recommends policies affecting minority faculty and students. 

Meeting Dates & Times: ​

2nd Tuesday of every Month
10:00 - 11:00am
Auraria Library - Friends Conference Room 



Name ​​School / College
Co-Chair - AY 2015 Denise Pan Auraria ​Library
Vera Gao ​Auraria Library
Co-Chair - AY 2015 Craig Sisneros ​​Business
​Ji Chen Business​
​Faye C. Caronan CLAS​
Omar Swartz ​CLAS
Carlos Reali CLAS​
Farah Ibrahim ​SEHD
Benoy Jacob ​SPA





​January 2014 MACJan2014_Minutes_Final.pdf
​February 2014 MACFeb2014_Minutes_Final.pdf
​March 2014 MACMar2014_Minutes_Final.pdf
​April 2014 MACApril2014_Minutes_Final.pdf
​May 2014
​June 2014
​July 2014
​August 2014
​September 2014
​October 2014
​November 2014
​December 2014


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​January 2013 No Meeting Held​
​February 2013 MACFeb2013_Minutes.pdf
​March 2013 MACMarch2013_Minutes.pdf
​April 2013 MACApril2013_minutes.pdf
​May 2013 No Meeting Held​​
​June 2013 ​No Meeting Held​
​July 2013 ​No Meeting Held​
​August 2013 ​​No Meeting Held​
​September 2013 MACSept2013_Minutes.pdf
​October 2013 MACOct2013_minutes_final.pdf
​November 2013 MACNov2013_Minutes.pdf
​December 2013 MACDec2013_Minutes_Final.pdf


​January 2012 MACJan2012_Minutes.pdf
​February 2012 MACFeb2012_Minutes.pdf
​March 2012 MACMarch2012_Minutes.pdf
​April 2012 MACApril2012_Minutes.pdf
​May 2012 MACMay2012_Minutes.pdf
​June 2012 ​No Meeting Held
​July 2012 ​No Meeting Held
​August 2012 No Meeting Held​
​September 2012 MACSept2012_Minutes.pdf
​October 2012 ​No Meeting Held
​November 2012 ​No Meeting Held
​December 2012 MACDec2012_Minutes.pdf


​January 2011
​February 2011 MACFeb2011_Minutes.pdf
​March 2011 MACMarch2011_Minutes.pdf
​April 2011 MACApril2011_Minutes.pdf
​May 2011 MACMay2011_Minutes.pdf
​June 2011 ​No Meeting Held
​July 2011 ​No Meeting Held
​August 2011 ​No Meeting Held
​September 2011 MACSept2011_Minutes.pdf
​October 2011 MACOct2011_Minutes.pdf
​November 2011 MACNov2011_Minutes.pdf
​December 2011 MACDec2011_Minutes.pdf


​January 2010
​February 2010 MACFeb2010_Minutes.pdf
​March 2010 MACMar2010_Minutes.pdf
​April 2010 MACApril2010_Minutes.pdf
​May 2010 MACMay2010_Minutes.pdf
​June 2010 No Meeting Held
​July 2010 ​No Meeting Held
​August 2010 ​No Meeting Held
​September 2010 MACSept2010_Minutes.pdf
​October 2010 MACOct2010_Minutes.pdf
​November 2010 MACNov2010_Minutes.pdf
​December 2010 MACDec2010_Minutes.pdf


January 2009​ MACJan2009minutes.pdf
​February 2009 MACFeb2009minutes.pdf
​March 2009 MACMarch2009minutes.pdf
​April 2009 MACApril2009minutes.pdf
​May 2009 MACMay2009minutes.pdf
​June 2009 ​No Meeting Held
​July 2009 ​No Meeting Held
​August 2009 ​No Meeting Held
​September 2009 ​No Meeting Held
​October 2009 MACOct2009minutes.pdf
​November 2009 MACNov2009minutes.pdf
​December 2009 MACDec2009minutes.pdf


​January 2008 ​No Meeting Held
February 2008​ MACFeb2008minutes.pdf
March 2008​ MACMarch2008minutes.pdf
​April 2008 ​No Meeting Held
​May 2008 ​No Meeting Held
June 2008​ MACJune2008minutes.pdf
​July 2008 ​No Meeting Held
​August 2008 MACAug2008minutes.pdf
​September 2008 MACSept2008minutes.pdf
​October 2008 MACOct2008minutes.pdf
​November 2008 MACNov2008minutes.pdf
​December 2008 MACDec2008minutes.pdf

 Operating Procedures & Documents


MAC Upcoming Event(s):

Higher Education Diversity Summit: Civil Rights @ 50: Advancing Equal Access for All
When: Thursday, April 10, 2014 (registration at 7:30 am and closing reception at 3:30 pm)
Keynote Speaker: Lilly Ledbetter at 12:30 – 1:45 (includes lunch)
Free registration and lunch   
Hear the inspiring story of Lilly Ledbetter, the woman at the center of the historic discrimination case that inspired the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act at the Higher Education Diversity Summit on Thursday, April 10, 2014. Following the theme of Civil Rights @ 50: Advancing Equal Access for All, the Summit is an opportunity to participate in workshops, discussion forums, and networking opportunities to dialog and share the latest information related to diversity and inclusive excellence. This conference is sponsored and presented by Metropolitan State University of Denver, Community College of Denver, and University of Colorado at Denver.
There is no registration fee associated with this conference, however, pre-registration is recommended. Lunch will be provided to the first 300 pre-registered participants. 
For more information and to register, please visit the Higher Education Diversity Summit website at
Should you have any questions, please contact Ms. Julie Sharer-Price at (303) 556-3022 or e-mail her at