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Faculty Assembly

Disability Committee (DisC)

Disability as Diversity


Disability is important to the diversity of this campus and necessary to consider when creating inclusive environments for both students and faculty. Seeing disability as diversity means understanding the political, historical, social, and environmental aspects of disability identity and disability on campus. This committee seeks to articulate disability in these ways, and our upcoming projects are below.

Current Goals

  • provide feedback on relevant policies pertaining to disability on campus, including those for accommodating disabled faculty and those related to curricular and pedagogical policies and practices;
  • work to reduce disability discrimination and create an inclusive atmosphere on campus, by assessing and improving the accessibility of the campus (including online environments);
  • meet at least once a year with the Director of Disability Resources for Students (DRS) to learn about current demographics and initiatives, and meet with other relevant groups as necessary (CARE, Counseling Center, Human Resources, etc.);
  • support initiatives, events, curricula, and scholarship that raise awareness about disability on campus (Disability Awareness Festival, guest lectures, etc.); and
  • interact and network with other diversity-related committees.
The committee is interested in your feedback. Please contact us at any time!


​Name School / College Terms

Co-Chair - Amy Vidali​ (Sabbatical)

​CLAS ​2012 - 2015

Co-Chair - Leo Bruederle

​CLAS ​2012 - 2015
Xiaotai Wang ​CLAS ​2014 - 2017
​Jessica McGaugh ​CAM ​2014 - 2017
​Barbara Dray  ​SEHD ​2013 - 2016
​Lorrie Evans ​Auraria Library ​2014 - 2017
​Eric Poole ​SPA ​2014 - 2017
​OPEN ​Business ​TBD

 Meeting Materials



​Date ​Agenda ​Minutes ​Handouts
​January 2014 ​No meeting held
​February 2014 FA Disabilities Agenda 2.12.14.pdf FA Disabilities Minutes 2.12.14.pdf
​March 2014 FA Disabilities Agenda 3.19.14.pdf FA Disabilities Minutes 3.19.14.pdf
​April 2014 FA Disabilities Agenda 4.9.14.pdf FA Disabilities Minutes 4.9.14.pdf
​May 2014 FA Disabilities Agenda 5.7.14.pdf FA Disabilities Minutes 5.7.14.pdf
​June 2014 ​No meeting held - Summer Break
​July 2014 ​No meeting held - Summer Break
​August 2014 ​No meeting held - Summer Break
​September 2014 ​TBA
​October 2014
​November 2014
​December 2014


​Date ​Agenda ​Minutes ​Handouts
​January 2013 ​No meeting held
​February 2013
​March 2013
​April 2013
​May 2013
​June 2013 ​No meeting held - Summer Break
​July 2013 ​No meeting held - Summer Break
​August 2013 ​No meeting held - Summer Break
​September 2013 FA Disabilities Agenda_Minutes 9.11.13.pdf FA Disabilities Agenda_Minutes 9.11.13.pdf
​October 2013 FA Disabilities Agenda 10.30.13.pdf FA Disabilities Minutes 10.30.13.pdf
​November 2013 FA Disabilities Agenda 11.13.13.pdf FA Disabilities Minutes 11.13.13.pdf
​December 2013 FA Disabilities Agenda 12.11.13.pdf FA Disability Committee Minutes 12_11_13.pdf

 Governing Documents


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