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About Us

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Learn about the CU Denver Faculty Assembly​​

The Faculty Assembly (FA) is the official voice of the CU Denver Faculty in shared governance on our campus, at our University and at the CU-system level. The Faculty Assembly and its committees are elected/appointed by their schools and colleges on campus to represent the interests of the faculty and to work with administration of the campus.

CU Denver faculty also have other opportunities to serve on committees that impact shared topics that affect the Auraria Campus or associations that reach out to non-tenure track faculty that are in each of the schools and colleges on the CU Denver campus. These are the Faculty Campus Committees.

Membership List​​​



​​Name School​
Chair - Peter Anthamatten College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Vice Chair - OPEN -
Secretary - OPEN -
Carol Dee - BPC Chair    Business School
​Bruce Neumann ​​Business School
David Forlani (covered Sabbitcal 2015) ​Business School
​John Ruhnka ​​Business School
​Yufeng Han ​Business School 
​Hans Rosenwinkel ​College of Arts & Media
​Jeffrey Schrader ​College of Arts & ​Media
​Rian Kerrane - CSW Chair ​College of Arts & Media
​Jody Beck ​College of Architecture & Planning
​OPEN ​College of Architecture & Planning
​OPEN ​College of Architecture & Planning
​Bogdan Chlebus (Sabbatical) ​College of Engineering & Applied Science
​Jonathan Wu ​College of Engineering & Applied Science
​Mike Radenkovic ​College of Engineering & Applied Science
​Brian Brady ​​College of Engineering & Applied Science
Jimi Adams (Ronica Rooks) ​College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
​Pamela Laird ​College of Liberal Arts Sciences
​Weldon Lodwick ​College of Liberal Arts Sciences
​John Wyckoff ​College of Liberal Arts Sciences
Leo Bruederle ​College of Liberal Arts Sciences
​Sarah Hagelin ​College of Liberal Arts Sciences
Ed Dill ​College of Liberal Arts Sciences
​Kathryn Cheever ​College of Liberal Arts Sciences
​Tammy Stone ​College of Liberal Arts Sciences
​Sarah Hagelin ​College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
​George Quansah ​College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Rebecca Hunt - EPPC Chair ​College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
​Amy Vidali - DisC Chair ​College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
​Eric Baker - APC Chair ​Auraria Library
​Sommer Browning ​Auraria Library
​Farah Ibrahim - EDC Chair ​School of Education & Human Development
​Troyann Gentile - LGBTQ+ Chair ​School of Education & Human Development
​Sherry Taylor ​School of Education & Human Development
​Brent Wilson - LETTS Chair ​School of Education & Human Development
​Loyd Burton ​School of Public Affairs
Allan Wallis (Fall 2015) ​School of Public Affairs
​Lonnie Schaible (Spring 2016) ​School of Public Affairs
​Rodney Muth ​CU Denver Retired Faculty
​David Heisler (Pres. - SGA) ​​Student Government Association
​Omer Sarwana (VP - SGA) ​Student Government Association
​Johnnie Nguyen (Legislative & Outreach - SGA) ​​Student Government Association
​Sam Walker ​UCDALI - University of Colorado Denver Association of Lecturers & Instructors
​Lucy McGuffey UCDALI - University of Colorado Denver Association of Lecturers & Instructors​
​Rafael Sanchez ​FACAB / CEAS
​Timberley Roane ​FACAB / CLAS
​Kelly McCusker ​Auraria Library

​ ​​​​​​​



Faculty Assembly Committees​​​​

 Academic Personnel Committee

The Academic Personnel Committee (APC) shall serve as the primary consultative body to Faculty Assembly and CU Denver administration on personnel policy development and on the administration of policies governing personnel practices.​​​​


 Budget Priorities Meeting

The Budget Priorities Committee (BPC) advises the Chancellor and reports regularly to Faculty Assembly. It monitors the revenues and expenditures of all CU Denver units to evaluate the integrity and implementation of CU Denver's budget process.​​​​


 Committee on the Status of Women​​

The Committee on the Status of Women​​ (CSW) reviews policies and practices, evaluates and recommends policies affecting women faculty and students on the CU Denver Campus.​​​​


 Disabilities Committee​

The Disabilities Committee​ (DisC)Disability is important to the diversity of this campus and necessary to consider when creating inclusive environments for both students and faculty. Seeing disability as diversity means understanding the political, historical, social, and environmental aspects of disability identity and disability on campus.​​​​


 Educational Policy and Planning Committee

The Educational Policy and Planning Committee (EPPC) reviews and makes recommendations on general policy, CU Denver's strategic plan, and any other long-range plans or formulations that set forth the broad educational and curricular objectives and policies at CU Denver.​​​​


 Ethnic Diversity Committee

The Ethnic Diversity Committee (EDC) reviews policies and practices, evaluates, and recommends policies affecting minority faculty and students.​​​​


 LGBTQ+ Committee

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer + Committee (LGBTQ+) reviews policies and practices, evaluates and recommends policies affecting the needs of GLBTI faculty and students.​​​


 The Learning, Educational Technology, Teaching, and Scholarship Committee (LETTS)

The Learning, Educational Technology, Teaching, and Scholarship Committee (LETTS) advises CU Denver administrators and committees on matters related to the advancement of student learning, educational technology as it promotes learning, quality teaching and instructional methods, and scholarship related to teaching, research​, service, and outreach.​​​​




Faculty Campus Committees​​​

 Faculty Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board

The Faculty Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board (FACAB) represents the faculty of the Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and CU Denver that advises the Board about policies and issues affecting the faculty.​​​​​


 University of Colorado Denver Association of Lecturers and Instructors

​The University of Colorado Denver Association of Lecturers and Instructors (UCDALI) is a campus organization for all Non-Tenure-Track Faculty on the CU Denver campus. The mission of UCDALI is to help you find teaching resources and information, connect you with other NTTF colleagues, and give you a voice on campus policies and shared governance.​​​​


 University Curriculum Committee

In order to maximize the integrity of the University's budget processes, the Faculty Assembly and the Provost instituted the ​University Curriculum Committee (UCC)​ ​in March 2018. The Committee has begun to review all new courses and programs, retroactive to July 1, 2017.​​​​


Faculty Assembly Office Location

​1380 Lawrence Street Center, 3rd Floor
Campus Box: B137
P.O.Box 173364
Denver, CO 80204 


CU Denver Faculty Assembly Chair

Peter Anthamatten, PhD
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Phone: 303.556.4277 


CU Anschutz Faculty Assembly Chair

Jacqueline Jones, PhD, BN, RN, FRCNA, FAAN
College of Nursing 
Phone: 303.724.2929​



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