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Faculty Assembly

Educational Policy and Planning Committee (EPPC)

Downtown Denver Campus Faculty Assembly

Photo of the Downtown Campus

The Educational Policy and Planning Committee (EPPC) reviews and makes recommendations on general policy, UCD’s strategic plan, and any other long-range plans or formulations that set forth the broad educational and curricular objectives and policies at UCD.

In addition, the EPPC shall:

  • Review, evaluate, and make recommendations on all new and existing policies, plans, and statements governing curriculum, academic programs, faculty performance, and educational policy and make recommendations necessary for implementation of such policies, by;
  • ​Reviewing degrees, options, and certificates
  • ​Reviewing the general scope, size, and/or priority of programs
  • Overseeing the educational content of curricula of programs and the Catalog
  • Reviewing admission and registration policies
  • Reviewing faculty teaching evaluation procedures, including student evaluations
  • Reviewing grading and other academic standards
  • Reviewing academic honors and awards
  • Reviewing policies related to international education
  • Work with all campus curriculum committees to ensure non-overlap of programs and courses and review and resolve disputes arising from duplication of courses and programs and Graduate Council
  • Serve as the faculty consultative body on the use of library/learning resources, space, services, and equipment
  • All items not covered by other committees shall be reviewed by EPPC



Name School / College Term
Rebecca Hunt
​CLAS ​2012-2014
​​Lanny Devuono
​​CAM ​2013-2014
​Cheryl Matias ​SEHD​ ​2013-2015
​Christine Martell​ ​​SPA 2012-2013​
​Ellen Metter ​Auraria Library ​2011-2014
​Hamilton Bean ​CLAS ​2012-2015


Agendas / Minutes:

Date ​Agenda Meeting Minutes
September 2012 EPPC Minutes Sept. 27 2012.pdf
​October 2012 EPPC DDC FA October 2012 Report.pdf
​November 2012 EPPC ­ November 29,2012.pdf

September 2013

(September 13, 2013)

CU Denver EPPC Agenda Sept 13.pdf

September 2013

(September 16, 2013)

CU Denver EPPC Agenda Sept 26.pdf CU Denver EPPC minutes Sept 26.pdf
October 2013 CU Denver EPPC Agenda Oct 28.pdf CU Denver EPPC Minutes Oct 28.pdf
​​December 2013 CU Denver EPPC Agenda Dec 10.pdf CU Denver EPPC Minutes Dec 10-13.pdf
​January 2014 ​No Meeting Held
February 2014 CU Denver EPPC Agenda February 2014.pdf CU Denver EPPC Minutes February 2014.pdf
​March 2014 ​No Meeting Held
April 2014 CU Denver EPPC Agenda April 2014.pdf
Governing Documents / Reports: