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Faculty Assembly

Academic Personnel Committee (APC)

Downtown Denver Campus Faculty Assembly

Photo of the Downtown Campus

The Academic Personnel Committee (APC) shall serve as the primary consultative body to Faculty Assembly and UCD administration on personnel policy development and on the administration of policies governing personnel practices. 

The purview of APC shall include: 

  • academic personnel policies and policy development
  • all matters dealing with faculty, particularly professional ethics, discipline, and potential layoff
  • ​actions and policies of UCD committees that affect the responsibilities of the APC such as policy and procedures of the Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion Committee​    

In addition, APC shall:

  •  ​review and analyze UCD’s faculty salaries as needed
  • report all pertinent analyses to the Diversity Committee
  • establish and post in a public forum the policies and procedures for tenured and tenure-track faculty salary appeals
Meeting Date & Time
4th Tuesday of every month
11:00 am - 12:30 pm in the Business School - Partner's Conference Room
*please note
March Meeting wil be on 3/20/214 - Regents Conf Room
May Meeting will be on 5/13/2014 - Partner's Conference Room



APC Members

Name​ ​School / College ​Terms
Brian Gerber ​SPA ​2013-2014
​Candan Duran-Aydintug
​CLAS ​2011-2014
​Cliff Young ​Business ​​2013-2014
Judy Coe
Chair Elect
​​CAM ​2013-2014
Laura Goodwin AVC - Faculty Affairs Ad-Hoc
​Meg Brown-Sica ​Library ​2012-2015
​Michael Jenson ​CAP ​2012-2015
Kathryn Cheever ​CLAS ​2013-2016
​Pamela Laird
​CLAS ​2012-2015
Shruti Poulsen​ ​SEHD ​2011-2014

 Meeting Materials



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​January 2012
​February 2012
​March 2012
​April 2012
​May 2012 ​No meeting held
​June 2012 ​No meeting held
​July 2012 ​No meeting held
​August 2012 APC Agenda Aug 2012.pdf
​September 2012 APC Agenda Sept 2012.pdf APC SEPTEMBER 2012.pdf
​October 2012 APC Agenda Oct 2012.pdf APC OCTOBER 2012.pdf
​November 2012 APC Agenda Nov 2012.pdf APC NOVEMBER 2012.pdf
​December 2012 APC Agenda Dec 2012.pdf APC DECEMBER 2012.pdf
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​January 2013 APC Agenda Jan 2013.pdf APC JANUARY 2013 minutes.pdf
​February 2013 ​No meeting held
​March 2013 APC Agenda March 2013.pdf APC MARCH 2013 minutes.pdf
​April 2013 APC Agenda April 2013.pdf APC APRIL 2013 minutes.pdf
​May 2013 APC Agenda May 2013.pdf APC MAY 2013 minutes.pdf
​June 2013 ​No meeting held
​July 2013 ​No meeting held
​August 2013 ​No meeting held
​September 2013 APC Agenda Sept 2013.pdf APC SEPTEMBER 2013 minutes.pdf
October 2013​ APC Agenda Oct 2013.pdf APC OCTOBER 2013 minutes.pdf
November 2013​ APC Agenda Nov 2013.pdf APC NOVEMBER 2013 minutes.pdf
​December 2013 APC Agenda Dec 2013.pdf APC DECEMBER 2013 Minutes.pdf


​January 2014 APC Agenda Jan 2014.pdf APC JANUARY 2014 minutes.pdf
​February 2014 APC Agenda February 2014.pdf APC February 2014 Minutes.pdf
​March 2014 APC Agenda March 2014.pdf APC March 2014 Minutes.pdf
​April 2014 ​To be announced ​* To be approved at next meeting *
​May 2014
​June 2014
​July 2014
​August 2014
​September 2014
​October 2014
​November 2014
​December 2014

 Governing Documents