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Faculty Assembly

Membership Lists

CU Anschutz Medical Campus Faculty Assembly

2014 - 2016 Terms


CU Anschutz Faculty Assembly Chair:

David Port, Ph.D.
School of Medicine / Grad School
Phone: 303-724-5438

Faculty Assembly Vice Chair:


Faculty Assembly Secretary:

Gina Moore
Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Phone: 303-724-2508
E-mail: Gina Moore

Faculty Assembly ​Program Coordinator:

Karin Rees
Faculty Assembly Office
Phone: 303-315-2091
CU Anschutz Medical Campus Faculty Assembly Members
Anschutz Medical Campus Deans / Directors
Sarah Thompson​ ​College of Nursing Dean
​David Goff ​Colorado School of Public Health Dean
​Denise Kassebaum ​School of Dental Medicine Dean
John J. Reilly Jr.​
​School of Medicine Dean
​Ralph Altiere ​Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences Dean
Terry Potter Interim ​Graduate School Dean
​Melissa Desantis ​Interim Health Sciences Library Director
Faculty Senate Presidents ​(Voting)
Bonnie Gance-Cleveland ​College of Nursing
Richard Lindrooth ​Colorado School of Public Health
David Clouthier ​School of Dental Medicine
​Jeffrey Druck ​School of Medicine
​Gina Moore ​Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Faculty Assembly Representatives ​(Voting)
Jacqueline Jones ​College of Nursing
Dawn Comstock​ ​Colorado School of Public Health
​Lilian Hoffecker ​Health Science Library
​Judy Igoe ​AMC Retired Faculty Association
​Brian Brada ​School of Dental Medicine
​Joann LeClaire ​School of Dental Medicine
​Colleen Dingmann ​School of Medicine
James Davidson​ ​School of Medicine
​Jeff Druck ​School of Medicine
Rebecca Sands-Braverman ​School of Medicine
Suzanne Osorio Lujan ​School of Medicine
Tamara Terzian ​School of Medicine
Kelley Capocelli​ ​School of Medicine
​Mike Overbeck ​School of Medicine
​David Thompson ​Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
​Veronica Searles
Chelsea Mitchell
​AMC Student Senate President
Incoming AMC Student Senate President
​ ​Faculty Assembly Representatives (Non-Voting)
Sara Horton-Deutsch ​College of Nursing
​Dennis Lezotte ​Colorado School of Public Health
​Judith Albino ​​Colorado School of Public Health
Anna Baron​ ​Colorado School of Public Health (past CSPH Chair)
TBD ​Health Science Library
​Louis Diamond ​AMC Retired Faculty Association
​Karen King ​School of Medicine
​Leslie Jameson ​School of Medicine
​Rob MacLaren ​Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
​John McDowell ​Univeristy Health and Welfare Trust ​
CU Faculty Council Leadership​ ​
​John McDowell ​Faculty Council Chair
​Julaine Field ​Faculty Council Vice-Chair
​Peggy Jobe ​Faculty Council Secretary
Donald Elliman ​Chancellor - CU Anschutz Medical Campus
Roderick Nairn ​Provost - CU Denver & CU Anschutz Medical Campuses
Neil Krauss ​Director of Administration