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Tuition Waiver Benefit

This applies to Postdoctoral Fellows/Trainees in job code 1438 as well as to other University employees on the “eligible” list

​Tuition waiver benefit:

  • Remember you are an employee in this case.  This is an employee benefit.  
  • Neither international visa status nor non-resident status matter.
  • Cannot be a Continuing Education (extended studies) course, but online and in person courses at any University of Colorado campus are fine.
  • Please remember the University SYSTEM administers this program for all employees.  THEY have the correct answers, so please contact the experts and not the PDO.        
    303-860-4200 option 3
  • You must apply for the tuition waiver BEFORE registering for a class.  Plan ahead and start several weeks earlier.
  • Step-by-steps and forms here:
  • You will need to know the number of the course[s] you want to take.  Access a course search here:
  • You will register as a special non-degree-seeking student.
  • The Tuition Waiver Benefit Team will determine whether the course is eligible for the waiver or not.
  • You will receive notification of eligibility for waiver and how to proceed.
  • You must not register until the first day of classes for the given term, as this is on a space available basis.  Early registration will void the tuition waiver for the class even if you withdraw.

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